Whatsapp and friendship

Few days back , I joined whatsapp and here are some thoughts :
- Technically , It is light-weight and very fast for media files like pictures, videos etc.
- It is great way to connect with group of friends from the same domain. I am so fortunate that that I met lot of my class-12 friends via this group and it helped us in realizing that down under, we are still same kind of people as we were in 1992. As it happens in real-life, some of these friends were not my best friends then but this group converted them to best friends because best Friends are the ones who keep in touch with you when they go away from college no matter how busy they are...It also stamped again that heart never grows old...Our heart is as fresh and bubbly as it was and we are equally or even better sensible when it comes to 'non-sense' :). The fact is that we have grown over these years and developed a level of maturity and earned the titles like Dad,Sir,Damadji,Jijai... and don't get time to be ourselves again. The group has offered the opportunity still we all are not same so some of us are always sharing and active on this group and some of us are show up as and when need arise but what is important here is the 'feeling of togetherness' . No matter how busy are we , we read and listen to each-other and smile ( if not via emoticons ) and are always there for each-other.
- Yesterday a friend from this group sent the following song and I who always think that our bollywood songs capture emotions very well was positively surprised...

Fate chooses your relations, you choose your friends - Jacques Delille

Pay it forward ....

Heartening Message...Even when nobody cares about you 'Be good' and you will be facilitated with smile if nothing else :)

Comparative property price around Oslo

I always think how about selling my house in Oslo and buying a house in nearby areas which are conveniently connected with Oslo and offers quality amenities/housing as well. Recently, I found one article which helped in my search. With little bit of effort, I manage to get all in one place for the sake of simplicity ....

I don't like you because 'WHAT' ?

Human behavior seems to be complicated, specially when it comes to liking and disliking others.We get along with some people and at times we don’t get along with some people because of one or the other reason.Fundamentally it is found that our behavior comprised of one or more DISC properties. Never analyzed DISC in so depth so cant comment much on it but still I wanted to categorize some very common situations between 2 people to understand it better:

A- Me
B- Other person(important to me)
C- third person

I experienced that A does not like B because :
Case 1- A has violated something universally accepted principle or philosophy. eg. A is abusive or swindler.
So I should not like a person who is 'universally' on wrong side... in this way, Am I helping him or society ?
Case 2- B is doing the things which A thinks 'B should/must NOT be doing'.
So in other word I want the world to behave the way 'I want'... am I narcissist ?
Case 3- C doesn't like B so over the time A starts disliking B.
So in other words,I am so weak that I can't have my own belief system... am I meek ?
Case 4- If B doesn't like A then it does not matter if A likes B or not.
So in other words,I am insignificant for other person and just have 1-directional relationship... am I wasting my time?

I guess before liking and disliking a person, we should always get an answer to following question :
"do I value the differences other person has and do I seek to understand it well ?" and if the answer to both is 'Yes' then most probably , we are on right side.

How many Indians are in Norway ?

"So how many Indians are in Norway?" has asked me today. This was the same question that was thrown at me few days back but I did not have the correct answer so I thought that I would get the exact figure today and now I have the number(at least for a year ) . As on 1-jan-2015, Norwegian govt's statistical department website(www.ssb.no) says that there are 18568 Indian immigrants  in Norway and this includes following :
- Born in Norway to Norwegian-born parents
- Immigrants
- Norwegian-born to immigrant parents
- Foreign-born with one Norwegian-born parent
- Norwegian-born with one foreign-born parent
- Foreign-born to Norwegian-born parents

So it means it includes both NRIs+OCI/PIOs.

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