what India is about—a relationship with a community

what India is about—a relationship with a community....

Either feed world or make india more healthy

Some facts :
1. Food grain production
1960 : 120 mill. ton
1999 : 210 mill. ton
2009 : 234 mill. ton

2. Food self-sufficiency was achieved by 1984.

I read that India loses 40m tonnes of fruits & veg &21m tonnes of wheat a year to poor storage & distribution.We waste more wheat every year to storage & distribution losses than Australia grows! Real need for pvt sector to move into grain storage.
It is sad that still in our country a few unlucky one did not get the basic minimum food intake.

I see four solution :
This initiative could be three fold:

a) Use technology in storage area and together with newer cultivation techniques.
b) Water management with harvesting excess Monsoon rainwater in the North and transporting it to the parched West and South.
c) Ensuring a better return to the farmers.
d) Impowerment of farmers and need of former supportive system.

Problem Description( related to storage ):

Food system perspective:
We have 11 food crops namely wheat, rice, barley, maize, bulrush millet, big millet, pigeon pea, urd (black gram), mung bean (green gram), lentil and gram.The losses in 11 food crops and the agents+insects responsible for these losses were studied in sandy, sandy loam, clayey loam, loamy and clayey zones in western Uttar Pradesh, India.

It is shown that the average loss during the post-harvest operations of cutting, drying, threshing, winnowing and transportation is about 3%.

The average loss during storage is 5.45%.A distinction is made between the various storage methods such as jute bags, metal bins and traditional structures known as pucci kothia (masonry bin), kucchi kothia (mud bin), kuthla, bakhari, burgi and addaw.

Insect and Agent Monitoring in food grain stores (warehouses) with traps has to be imroved.Even in well maintained warehouses there is an overall storage loss of 0.41 per cent of food grain stocks. Technology can play an important role in this area.
Rats and weevils are the main agents, followed by other rodents, other insects and fungi. Losses are generally higher in areas with clayey and clayey loam soils. Average losses of rice are lower than those of wheat.

Idea for life

“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea
alone. This is the way to success.” - Swami Vivekananda

“Make it a rule…never to lie down at night without being able to say, “I have made one human being at least a little wiser, a little happier or a little better this day.” - Charles Kingsley

“We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.” - Mother Teresa

From 02012010 to 02022020 ..Can we be No. 1

As an Indian , I want India to increase its manufacturing export share in world market in 2010. I think that if the states like Gujrat and Bihar starts moving fast ( as they are doing now ) , India can do well in this direction. Currently China's share of the world's manufacturing exports is more than 8% while India stands at just under 1%. With the sold economical growth , I Guess , India is correctly poised to take on with China provided we can face the following changes carefully :

  • Infrastructure projects need constant supervision and high level of monitoring. No outsider/private shareholder should be allowe to damage such projects. News like this should be avoided.

  • Infrasture projects and PPP projects should be well funded by the national level organizations like LIC as well, so that profit is restricted to Indian companies.Not only this Gvernment should

  • Giving importance to Infrastructure projects will also help in increasing the FDI inflow as well towards manufacturing projects as well. Still Services sector gets around 22% of total FDI in India.

  • I know that FDI inflows to India are inevitably hit by the crisis but still India is doing better as compare to China but still international surveys like UNCTAD place India as 3rd compared to China's number 1 position. .

  • State Government should SEZ oriented policies and do their own efforts to not only establish the policy but proper implementation as well.

3 Idiots .....is it really Best ever ?

This is start of 2010 and every Indian is talking about the 3 Idiots and media is going ga ga over the success of 3Is. I watched the movie online during our justication and in my views :


3Is is Kind of Best in following sense :

1. 'Aamir is not actor He is Brand' ; Aamir has delivered a blockbuster again and proved that he is the best when it comes attaching the word 'SUCCESS' to any movie. He continued to give 'SUCCESS' sticker to anything he attached to from Lagan to JTYJN to 3Is. He is best in this.He may not be perfactionist but he did all his best to achieve this title everytime he is involved. No doubt he should get 200% credit from changing his body from macho Sanjay Singhania to lollypop Ranchoo.This was great effort !!

2. Aamir is best when it comes to understanding the mantra of 'Box office performance' . No other actor is even closer to him. Although he plays a certain role in the film projects he has attached himself, but he makes sure that project gets success and so he gives his extra-ordinary contribution in every department of film from story to marketting and distribution. So he is best when it comes to performance at box office, Note following in support of my view :

- 3Is has released with most number of any Hindi movie ever( India 1550 prints and 342 prints overseas) in 40 countries.

- Paid previews of 3Is collected around Rs 9 crs gross worldwide

- Best ever Box office collection ( 200cr in 8 days ) as for as Hindi movie is concerned.

3. Best possible Team : Aamir,Rajkumar Hirani - Munnabhai fame , Vidhu Vinod Chopra- Munnabhai fame + Boman Irani-Best Hindi comedian of this decade.

4. Out of the beat story with good acting from Aamir,Sharman, Madhvan , Omi Vaidya( I like his style ) and offcourse Mr. Irani. It is important to note that story has played important role but it is not all as Mr. Chetan Bhagat is saying AFTER IT HAS GOT MUCH SUCCESS. Director and 3Is Team has done the great job from start to end.

Now come to the point why I think it is not Best ever :

1. The basic theam of the film is 'Winners don't do the different things they do it differently'. Even the Rancho's success was measred with number of patents ( 400 ). he did not embrace his same style throughout his life( as I was expecting the end to be ). In a way it has the same theme as other munnabhai films. If somebody says that Raju tried to copy the Munnabhai effect on Higher Education system.

2. Indian Education system is still the Best in world and we produce more genius Ranchoos from the same system.India's IITs and IIMs must be applauded for the world-class minds they have thrown up, these are institutions that are respected the world over.Let's get real about higher education, not engage in an escapist fantasy and convince ourselves that education does not matter. I am afraid that sometimes people take the theme of movie seriously and generalize it for whole system. In europe , I found some Indian parents saying that 'It is true scene of education system in India' ( I guess they are less knowledgable about indian system's power ). So for them message is "the education system sucks", "we learn nothing at our Engineering colleges and management institutes" and "teachers are unable to teach and only want to ruin students lives." ( I guess people will say 'dil pe mat le yaar' but.....)

3. In any system not all are Ranchoos and real ranchoos will never follow the trend they always defne the Trends. So movie is just an example.

But Aamit is the Best !!!

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