Cost of Living in New Delhi in 2011

Today , me and a friend of mine were discussing the cost of living in Delhi and then during our discussions we calculated his cost of living in New Delhi :

Ps !! It May sound high/low but this is upto the individual- what kind of lifestyle he/she needs.3 BHK Apartment : 49 K
Total price = 80 Lac
Down payment = 40 Lac ( so 40Lac will be financed )
EMI - 40K ( per lac - 1K )
Electricity - 5000 ( 4 rs/unit )
Society charges - 1500
maid service - 1000
water - 1500

Cost of Education for Kid : 6K ( 6000 - including transport )
Groceries : 8K
Misc. Shopping : 3K
Communications : 2.2K
DTH : 400
Internet : 800
Mobile : 1000

Petrol Prices : 2K ( 2000 Rs...400 KM....30 Litres)
Eating Out : 2K
Vacations : 2K

So finally ,
Total app. monthly expenses : 49+6+8+3+2.2+2+2+2 = 75 K

We also discussed the one time settlement cost :
Samsung washing machine ---29,990
Hitachi A/c - 2 ton - 36000  ----72000 ( 2 piece )
Whirlpool fridge - 405 lt -------32000
Sony Home theater  ------------ 32000
LED TV ---------------------------40,000
RO System ------------------------16000
Vacuum cleaner ------------------6000
Microwave ------------------------15000
Inalsa food processor -----------5700
Double Bed -----------------------20000
Dining Table ---------------------22000
Sofa --------------------------------35000
TV table --------------------------12000
wardrobe -------------------------25000
Fans -------------------------------6000( 4 piece)
Total =================3.9 lacs 
Misc expenses ------------------35000
Final one time settlement cost = 4.25 lacs 

Can Obama prove that he really wants(not just talks) India to be on same world plateform ?

I am very convinced that Obama is great leader but when it comes to his administration's India policy then I am not very sure if he wants to India to be among the world leaders(like US ) or just being a good deplomatic leader.He talks very high and nice about India all th time. Just read the following statements :
Obama :
"It's rising power and a responsible global power. That's why I firmly believe that the relationship between the United States and India will be a defining partnership in the 21st century,"
"not because of where India is on a map, but because of what we share and where we can go together,"
"India is indispensable to the future that we seek – a future of security and prosperity for all nations," Obama said, joking, "That's why a third of my Cabinet has already visited India -- not only for the chapatis."
"So when it comes to the sphere of our work -- building a future of greater prosperity, opportunity and security for our people, there is no doubt: I have to go to India. But even more, I am proud to go to India,"
"So when it comes to the sphere of our work -- building a future of greater prosperity, opportunity and security for our people, there is no doubt: I have to go to India. But even more, I am proud to go to India,"

And now his left hand hillary speaks in the same tune....
Hillary :
"India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great-grandmother of tradition." "And I love the fact that it's mothers,"

Now my question is :
1. Is India a great ountry ONLY because it has historic past ?
2. Is India a great country ONLY because it has great and famous cuisine?
3. Is India great ONLY because somebody thinks that is rival to China ?

4. Is India great ONLY because it is largest democracy of world ?
5.Is India great ONLY because it is second most populous country ?
6.Is India great ONLY because India is one of the largest contributors of troops to UN-mandated peace-keeping missions.
7.Is India great ONLY because it has not evaded any nation in past ?
10.Is India great ONLY because it has most skilled IT/technology work-force of the world ?

people may say that he is really really serious but then question here is if not so then why not India has permanent seat in UN security council, where the top descision makers(or leaders) are United States, Russia, China, Great Britain, and France. Like OBAMA , all these countries(exept Chinna ), says that India is just 'The Best Ally".........

So how should an Indian know that Obama and company not only talks good but acts good as well. In my opinion permanent seat at US seurity council can be the best measure about their sincerity. Why they are just talk Good and do not act good and give India permanent US security council seat ?

I know that Pakistan and China. Both these countries oppose India’s demand for a permanent seat. But can't Obama handles
- China tactfully using other security council memebers ?
- Pakistan with other kind of pressure ?

If not then above sentences have no meaning.....

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