Lokapal Bill : Why BJP is equally responsible as Congress ?

After the scrapping of lokpal (at least for now ) in parliament now,It is very clear that BJP is weakening the lokpal bill too and blaiming the congress alone (just for the sake of coming election ). BJP also want to prove that UPA govt. have failed in every department so that they have one more election issue to talk about and doing their best for it but with a different face. How....???
Section 24 of lokpall Bill : Allows presiding officers of the 2 houses of Parliament to act on the basis of a Lokpal report even before a trial is completed.

BJP has asked the government to drop this section and now the practical meaning of this 'drop' means following :
If a MP is chargesheeted : He/She will face no action from the Speaker of the Lok Sabha and Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha till the courts pass the order.

If a ordinary citizen is chargesheeted : He/She would have been already handed down a penalty of jail, demotion, salary loss etc by the Lokpal. This ordinary citizen could then go in and appeal to the High Courts, but that could take years.

So this drop means 'corrupt MPs are safe but corrupt citizens are not !!!'...why just becaue they are Member of august parliamanet ???
Asking govt. to drop section 24 BJP has shown it's real face and that is -  It is exactly same kind of party as congress (may be even worse).

A note from the History of Lokayukta in Karnatka...

I just wanted to understand the history of lokayukta to know what it did in last few years. So I did following....

Karnatka(first state to set up Lokayukta) :
Lokayukta duration : 1986 and 2011
Landmark                : July,2011; indicting then CM(BS Yeddyurappa) for corruption in illegal mining scandal. ( Nobody is asking what he is doing now ???? )
1. Leadership matters ? :  > 66% of the raid cases by the Lokayukta were initiated between 2006 and 2011.
2. What about the trial & conviction ? :  In Typical corruption case we have following stages :
Corruption(which falls in publicc/private domain),Complaint(when people complain about corruption) then comes investigation (both of these falls under the jurisdiction of lokpal) but last 2 stages trial and Conviction does not fall under the Lokpal , rather it falls under judicial system.

Facts and study said the Karnataka experience showed that sanction of prosecution and completion of investigation( in other words complaint and investigation) were not an issue at all as both were done in overwhelming majority of the cases handled by the state Lokayukta. Things failed when cases reached trial and conviction stage.
I doubt this has been debated in Parliament or within Team Anna ????

Another question : If setting up Lokayukta will be optional then all the states will do as they want. For example Gujrat did not have Lokayukta for past 12 years while Karnatka have.Mayawati will also say that it is stupid idea ....so how the general daily and pervasive corruption will be handled in thoses states ? Hope BJP who is so concerned about the corruption will make sure that Lokayukta setp become mandatory for states.

Anna don't be political...you will loose

It seems Anna is either prejudiced against congress or does not understand how the dirty politics is being played by all national parties in parliament.To me he is a simple man who is very much misguided by Kiran Bedi and Kejriwal( both are honest but have some vested interests and so do not like congrress party...why ??)

I am pretty sure that if Anna joins the compaign against Congress then he will lose more than congress and people will surely take this otherwise and so it will be big blow to anti-corruption movement.Not only this but this will not affect the congress prospects more as in all these 3 north indian states congress is not in power. More over congress has done atleast something at grassroot level( in spite of so much corruption) through its 16 flagship programmes,which will give some postive edge edge to congress.Let's look at the states one by one :
Uttar Pradesh :
Current Congress-seats             party in power
-------------------------------              --------------
20                                                 BSP

Can Congress gets less seats than earlier ?possibly not as :
1. Now congress has Ajit Singh’s Rashtriya Lok Dal with it.
2. UP is ranked much lower in implementation of all 16 flagship programs.
--UP has slipped to 20th position in the implementing of National Agricultural Development Scheme in 2010-2011.
--Embezzelment of funds under the NREGS in the state has put Mayawati govt. under CBI scanner.
3. NREGA+Food Security Bill+Minority bill

Punjab :
Current Congress-seats            party in power
-------------------------------             --------------
44                                               Shiromani Akali Dal+BJP
Can Congress gets less seats than earlier ? Possibly not, as anti-incumbency will help Congress.

Uttarakhand :
Current Congress-seats      party in power
----------------------                   --------------
20                                          BJP
Can Congress gets less seats than earlier ? Possibly not, as anti-incumbency will help Congress.

Anna should understand :
1. Many who vote do not attend rallies; many who attend rallies do not vote.
2. All parties have corrupt politicians.
3. There is no single national party which supports Anna's Jan Lokpal Bill 100% ?
4. Anna should be flexible and help in strengthening the parliament and laws not by forcing them by his fast and media.Otherwise it will be wrong example to follow for next in line people...Tomorrow all govt. service personnel protest for a paypal bill and take the country by ransom? women of minority section will fast for 33% reservation in same way and it will be difficult for any goernment(forget UPA)to handle such things.
5. Lokpal is not magical wand. There has been no systematic effort to evaluate or assess the experience of existing anti-corruption agencies in the states(where the real problem is !!!). Problem is not the absense of law but problem is it's implementation(practicalities). He sould also concentrate on finding the reason 'why even putting the corrupt people in jail is not helping the country ?.' Raju,Raja, Kanimojhi,Kalmadi.. all are in jail and come out eventually after few days using the same law which has put them into jail.

Question for Anna : If in coming election ,Anna campaigns against congress and then ostensibly the most honest Congress candidate loses to a BSP candidate with a criminal record ? Who will be responsible then ? will that be win for anti-corruption crusaider ?

So If Anna will become anti-congress in coming election then Congress has very little to lose; Team Anna has a lot...

Does CBI alone can handle the corruption in whole India ?

Now a days , it looks as if Team Anna has 100% solution to ever growing corruption in India. Can Team Anna gives the guaranty that if following are included then , lok janpal bill solve the corruption from root in all parts of India. If that is so then they have not understood the real problem. Sometimes it looks that fighting against UPA govt. and winning over it is the only objective of Team Anna.
  • Is CBI handle the corruption on the grass root level ? I agree that if included under Lokpal, it should help in rooting out corruption in high places. But is that ALL. CBI is not the only agencies which needs reform there are other agencies/departments which needs reform so that we can curb the corruption. Common people is want rules and regulation related to local govt. agencies(police,courts,development authorities, Electricity,Public hospitals,PWD...) and private agencies. Unfortunately CBI does not have much role there.It comes into picture when we talk about the BIG issues.common people suffer from day-to-day corruption and read about the BIG corruption in News paper only.Team Anna should give more priority to common people and wait.....
  • What can't Team Anna wait for few days and see how the implementation goes and then protest to improve it further ?Is it not enough that after govt. has come forward so much in few months as compared to 40 years ?
  • Is it not enough that government is doing more than enough to accommodate as much as possible to respect the sentiments of people( i.e Team Anna now) ? Myway or hiway is not good all the time.
  • When I listen to Anna , it looks like he is just against the UPA(even ready to oppose in general election). Slowly and slowly he is becoming political :
    • He always talks about the Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi who have not spoken a harsh word against him.
    • He campaigned against Congress in Haryana elections.
    • He is threatening the Congress party about coming state elections.
Is this Gandhian style ? Actually he should never say that it is fault of UPA govt. He should try to make himself above the parties and elections to save his movement. It is fault of general Indian politics(specially politics of smaller parties like SP and RJD..) that country is not able to progress and parliament is not able to work properly or debate on serious issues such as corruption. We must also not forget the role of BJP in this whole context. BJP is biggest beneficiary in this lokpal movement.Now BJP has one point agenda to protest govt. on all front(this will help them in coming elections). So Jan lokpal bill is in danger because of negative politics of all parties not only UPA( so it is not UPA vs Anna actually it is Politics vs Anna).
  • There are many issues when it comes to implementation of jan lokpal bill.What will happen to efficacy of the proposed Lokpal if the trial keeps getting delayed? It cannot set a deadline for the judiciary and its processes. As many as 56,383 cases are pending in the Supreme Court and 4,217,903 cases in the high courts.At this moment, the most important need of the country is a far more efficient and faster judiciary. Fast-track courts to address corruption-related cases are a good option.
  • India is perhaps only country where people pay bribe to govt. servant for doing their duty while in most of the other parts of the world it is apposite.There has to very strict legislation under the lokpal bill to look into such cases and bind people to their duties not by fear of penalty but other perks and opportunity( we can not force our own people to do their job by fear there must be good reason to do the job as well )...I doubt that this has been considered in lokpal bill ?
I wish Anna should be satisfied with what he has achieved until now with his movement( by using media rightly and articulately ) and now takes things easily and accept the govt. proposal and then evaluate it's implementation in near future.

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