Worthy enough to remind too much wait could make u 'done'

As always Kalam saahab is best with his message. His every lecture has so much depth and force us to think differently. He is the ONLY president who is nominated to the list of  Top 50 great Indians after MK Gandhi but 'destiny' of our nation is that even though not even a SINGLE Indian can be found who deny the fact that 'Kalam is THE BEST Candidate for the post of Hon. 13th President of India'  but NO BIG POLITICAL PARTY( I am only including them as most of the small parties are opportunistic parties )  has courage to support him publicly ....But still I( and many other Indians) support him to be next President of India. The President of India is deemed to be a non-political post and requires aura,integrity,charisma,honesty,statesmanship and Mr. Kalam is best suited to all these adjectives.He was born(1931) in Rameswaram in a simple Indian family and since then he uplifted himself and worked for India and never compromised his values ( which most of the politician do from time to time ) even now he maintained a dignity by saying that he is agree to be president if all agrees to his name.Which seems impossible in world of indian politics.Even if he can not become the PRESIDENT OF REPUBLIC OF INDIAN, he will be the president of YOUTH OF INDIA.

After watching the politics being played by smaller parties over the issue of 13th president I must say, It is very difficult to understand the word 'Consensus' in Indian politics. I am 100% sure that even if MK Gandhi would have been alive , he must have been denied to become 'President of Rep. of India' if he would have been alive.


Fortunate or Unfortunate..

Like any other guy from U.P. , I had a lot of expectations from Akhilesh Yadav but slowly and slowly it is appearing to me that he is becoming just another U.P. CM. But I still believe in him....

Though I am not sure how much he helps his wife in guiding her to better direction but this example says that she is unfortunate that she could not get right advice from her own husband.

1. She is wife of in-office chief minister( who has majority(224/403) in state assembly).
2. Her father-in-law is M.P.,Founder and chief of a political party.
3. Her brother-in-law and uncle-in-law both are M.P.
4. She does not have any political status by virtue of her own(even lost last contested election by 85000).
5. She is mother of 3 young and cute kids and a young wife.

BUT She still thinks that Above is not enough and she still have more time and has less opportunity to contribute to serve the people of U.P. and so she got herself elected as M.P.

And We Indians who know this all but still elected her unopposed...I find it surprising that Anna Hazare who calls for 'right to recall'( to clean our election process ) could not muster the courage to go the to her constituency and make people realize that 'THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR DEMOCRACY' ( He was JUST busy with making sure that MS is proved to be corrupt)....How pathetic state of our politics.

Starting of Golden phase in Indian Sports history

London is being decorated for 2012 Olympic and so like other countrymen we Indians are also wishing to do better then last year.Country of 1 Billion+ is wishing and praying to break 1-0-2 by a big margin.

Believe me this year will be noted as Golden year in our sports history.....Why ?

Expectations are high as fever is gripping the world,this could be Indian girls'
outing on podium of 2012 Olympic.Wishing and praying that they prove their determination(despite all odds*) and take our sports to a new level. Best wishes to Sudha Singh,Mary Kom,Deepika Kumari, Chekrovolu Swuro and L Bombayla Devi,Saina Nehwal, KM Beenamol,Krishna Poonia,Seema Antil...( No worries,if you know only 2 of these ...just wait and you will see their name in all Indian news paper between 8 july and 12 aug :) )

Special Thanks and Gratitude to very professional initiatives of Mittal Champions Trust (MCT),Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ) and GoSports Foundation and truly inspiring leadership of Viren Rasquinha,Manisha Malhotra,Geet Sethi,Prakash Padukone, Nandan Kamath..for Indian sports....London Olympic will begging of historical phase in Indian sports history.

*Mary Kom spents around 300 days a year in national camps, miles away from her home in Imphal where her two kids – Rengpa and Nainai.Just last year, Rengpa was down with fever. So when Mary Kom’s husband told her about it, she asked her husband on phone to take even the second child, Nainai, for a check up. She still can’t explain why(BUT WE KNOW IT) she insisted on that but it proved to be a life-saving call.Nainai was dignosed with a hole in his heart and was immediately operated upon.Mary was kept in the dark about the details till everything was fine.

*The Government of Rajasthan has announced cash reward of Rs 10 Lakhs(after she won gold in c'wealth games) to Krishna though the same government had not approved her application for assistance of Rs 1 lakh for training abroad. She funded expenses on her overseas training out of her pocket .Her son was just 8 months old and she left him for 6 months because of busy training schedules abroad.

For which point Aamir Khan should apologize ?

I am not diehard fan of Aamir khan but support him on case to case basis( as many other do as well).  Recently he started his TV debut show 'Satyamev Jayte' with a bang. As happened with him he does not do things just for the sake of doing it and which reminds me following line :
                           "Winners Don't do Different things they do things differently"

Many people compared his show with Opera Winfrey but I do not believe that this comparison has any meaning as both are differently presented and perceived.

First 3 episodes( female foeticide,child sex abuse and big fat Indian wedding) could not evoke sharp criticism against Aamir but fourth episode converted many of his admirers/fans to foes.Why ? Because here he criticized the malpractices of medical profession and raise the issue of corruption in medical profession.

21 medical associations of medical professions got united against him and demanded an apology from Aamir khan for throwing the bad light on medical profession. Like any other part of world medical profession is very hard-working and respectful profession. All the young kids who get selected into the MBBS,BDS,MS... are bright and intelligent brains. So this demand a close scrutiny of Aamir's show and so I watched it twice and noted down the following details :

Show start : Aamir  started his show with the words 'I am concerned about healthcare system'.
example-1 : Vektesh of Mumbai got bad treatment from a doctor.
example-2 :  A girl from audience described her ordeal with doctor.
example-3 : Major Pankaj rai story who lost her wife because of some doctor.
Aamir said - "Doston Galti kisi se bhi ho sakti hai . Doctor bhi ek insaan hai usse bhi ho sakti hai. hum galti ki baat nahi karenge hum niyat ki baat karenge"
example-4 : Pathology owner  Dr. Anil Picchar described how he has been treated by other doctors when he started his lab. He described commission that is widely paid to doctors for pathological tests.
example- 5: Dr. Amol pandit described his reason why he left India and working in Wales,UK (referral commission ).
example- 6 : Case of women of whole village in Andhra Pradesh who lost their uterus.
example- 7 : what happened in MCI in past few years.Boss of MCI Dr. K.K. Talwar could not deny what Aamir put forward. ( Aamir has the data for 50 years via RTi but he just got answer for past 4 years does he is at fault for answer he got for RTI ?)
After this he said - "Our health system is ill but we will find where is the root cause"..and show continues ...
example- 8: Dr. C.M. Gulati talked that health is least priority in our system and said that privation of medical collages is increasing and govt. operated medical collages are increasing and he justified why the doctor is charging more money. He said medical profession is UNVIABLE.
Dr. Gulati himself said that 30% commission is paid to doctor for prescribing specific medicines. He says medical area 'bribe Lena jurm nahi hai lena hai' - Aamir did not say anything.
After this Aamir moves to solution and says there are 2 basic challenges :
1- how to give good health services
2- how to make them affordable for all
example - 9 : Dr. Devi Shetty's  hospital Narayan Hridayala is lauded for affordable health care solution.He justifies how they made healthcare affordable.Aamir says - "YOU ARE INSPIRATION TO ALL."
example - 10 : Private medical vs generic medical purchase case is discussed. Dr. Samit Sharma is lauded for Generic medical stores.He said that medicines are being sold at very high prices.
Aamir says that Rajasthan govt has done good job by opening the generic medicine shops.

Now my question is -  For which point Aamir should apologize ?
  • For the examples that were presented on the show ?
  • Should he aplogized for what ALL the DOCTORS (Dr. Anil Picchar,Dr. Amol pandit,Dr. C.M. Gulati,Dr. K.K. Talwar,Dr, Devi Shetty,Dr. Samit Sharma) said on the show ?
  • For the good words that he said about the doctors or the words he said about the pathetic condition of our health care system ?

Just 2 more points :
1. Which of the following fact(which SJ discussed) is distorted or biased :
---> Doctors NEVER take commission from pathology against the tests?
---> Doctors ALWAYS write generic medicine names on prescriptions ?
---> Private Medical collages are being opened more as compare to Govt. ones.
---> India spends less than 2% of its GDP on health sector.
---> Since 2008 NO doctors have been suspended by MCI for not following the MCI norms ?

2. If all doctors are agree(against what was said on SJ)then why they are not asking the organization like Ask the IMA(Indian Medical Association) and medscape to terminate the membership all those 7 doctors who were part of the SJ episode.If not then it means that MAJORITY of doctors agree with Aamir and SJ.

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