How to change the standalone oc4j password in jdeveloper

To change the password of the standalone oc4j in jdeveloper do the following :

1. Stop the oc4j( use bin/oc4j.cmd )
2. edit the j2ee/home/config/system-jazn-data.xml by searching "oc4jadmin" in the tag ( i.e OC4J Administrator) and
change the line content inside the tag to !password123 where password123 will be the new password:
eg : change
to !password123
Note: Exclamation mark(!) at the beginning of the new password. It marks the entry as a non-encrypted password value.
3. save the file
4. restart the control ( use bin/oc4j.cmd )
5. open the following url
6. provide the username "oc4jadmin" and password "password123" and it will get you inside the control.


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