Future of flying for me...

As I am not very much aware about the technical development related to aviation so as passenger , for me the future of planes would be like this :
Interior :
1. More adjustable seats with features like messaging and heating,ECG,BP.
2. There will be more wider windows elsewhere too,so that passengers can get view of the sky ahead and around.I miss this a lot....
3. Free Internet surfing and multimedia experience for every passenger with features like Music,Video on-demand(not the common TV viewing) and free ISD phone.
4. A recreation room/area where passengers can enjoy some special games like chess, carom-board...
5. Special smoking zone where one can lit the cigarette without fire or something like that.
6. Flexible play area with wide-screen for young kids.
Exterior :
1. Plane with such a structure which can shed off its weight(if required) and can float/swim in water in case of emergency.
2. Plane with some extra parts which can reuce the speed of plabe drastically -IF REQUIRED IN CASE OF EMERGENCY TO AVOID collision.
3. Use of carbon composite materials in structure.
4. Use of alternate fuels like bio-fuel.

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