Scorpio vs Capricorn

Some of the facts of sun sign.....
  • Scorpio naturally at­tracts either fiercely loyal and dedicated admirers, or en­vious and spiteful enemies. But even the latter give him grudging respect, and you'll notice they're careful not to challenge him openly.
  • Scorpio is intensely loyal to friends. "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Some of them do this literally, for friends, rela­tives or loved ones-in battle or in a civilian crisis. Scorpio fireman gives his life to rescue the child in the burning building. Sometimes it seems Pluto people unconsciously seek vio­lence deliberately, as a challenge to their strength.

  • The female Scorpio has a deep, mysterious beauty. She's magnetic, proud and totally confident. But she has one secret regret. She was not born a man.I can almost feel the heat from here when Pluto women hear about that revelation. There's not a Scorpio female alive who doesn't think she's all woman, and you may wonder what I'm talking about yourself, if you're in love with one.
  • The Scorpio health picture is typical of his nature. He can destroy his body with excesses, melancholy or hard work. But he can also built it back at will from a critical illness.
  • A Scorpio woman will sometimes nearly drown you in her passion for living, yet in a real storm, her cool, calm reason and steely strength will be a life raft. Though she works her magic in strange and secret ways, her haunting eyes will always gaze at you with basic honesty, even while she remains just beyond the reach of human under­standing. She's a little dangerous, perhaps, but undeniably exciting.
  • A Scorpio mother won't let the talents of her children go unnoticed or gather dust. She'll spend many an hour encouraging them toward higher goals, and be willing to provide any support they need. Her offspring will find her strong and helpful when youthful problems arise, because her knowledge of human nature makes her a wise counselor. She'll teach them to meet difficulties with her own courage. But she can be bund to their faults, an attitude which can naturally cause a lot of trouble if it isn't recognized and checked in time. Anyone she imagines is a threat to the happiness of her children, in any way, however small, will be crushed, and I'm afraid that in­cludes her husband. She won't appreciate it if he's stricter with them than she thinks he ought to be.
  • One of the worst traits of both male and female Scorpios is a refusal to see any viewpoint but their own when the emotions are involved. It takes weeks of introspection to bring them around to a semblance of humility. Her natural interest in the opposite sex, even if it remains platonic, may give you as much reason to be jealous of her as she is of you.
  • In the heat of battle, it pays to remember that her compulsion to even the score usually makes her the winner in any kind of skirmish. She gets the last word. If you tell her a lie, she may tell two. If you stubbornly refuse to kiss her good-bye in the morning after a tiff, she may refuse to kiss you goodnight for a month. Just let your mother (or anybody's mother) criti­cize her cooking, and the Scorpio woman may forget to invite her to dinner for several Sundays in a row. An acci­dental injury, however, she'll forgive, if she knows it's unintentional. The Scorpio sense of justice is as strong as the sense of revenge. Most people forget this. She'll remember every kindness and give you back double for that, too. It works both ways.
  • In the budget department, Scorpio women are complete­ly unpredictable. She can scrimp and save and pinch a penny until it bends double, then have a sudden spell of being magnificently extravagant. One thing is sure. She'll enjoy money, whether she saves it in an old shoe or spends it on luxury. But this woman always leans heavily toward prestige, and she won't let cash compromise that.
  • Despite her own strong individualism, the typical Scorpio girl will let her man be the boss. Instead of overshadowing him with her force and drive, she'll apply her talents to help him attain his goals. Your future will be important to her, and she's not likely to insist on retaining her own career after marriage (unless you've disappointed her deeply or a second job is needed in a temporary domestic crisis). She may fight you wildly in private, but she'll defend you fiercely in public. She won't stand for anyone maligning you or taking advantage of you. Those who try will feel the lash of her righteous anger. Your happiness will always come first. Unless there are adverse aspects to her Sun sign or ascendant in her natal chart, she'll pa­tiently help you persevere until you get what you want, and while you're getting it, she won't whine or complain or become restless, though she might turn a little bitter if you lose your courage on the way. She'll expect you to aim as high as your abilities will reach.
  • A Scorpio woman will be incredibly loyal to those she finds strong and deserving, but the weak ones will never be honored by her glance. Her dignity in human relation­ships can make her seem aloof and snobbish. In a way, she definitely is, because she practices a personal caste system, and it's more clearly marked than that of her Leo and Capricorn sisters. All Scorpios are highly selective in friendships. They'll keep the worthy companions through an entire lifetime, and freeze the shallow, the common or the unworthy. There's an immense store of perseverance and determination buried in the nature of a Scorpio woman, and any time she chooses, she can call on these to help her master the excesses which may tempt her, from drink and drugs to self-destructive, ruthless revenge and dangerous depression.
So what to do.....
Scorpions possess strong will-power and charisma. They are stubborn and rather go to the extremes in their relationships. When Scorpions are in love, they can do any or everything to make you happy. But, when you are not in their good books, then take that as caution as the consequences can be very nasty and grave. Scorpions are very loyal and passionate lovers, will attract with their mystic and charming behaviour. There is one more remarkable trait about Scorpions, they are very true and will never show their inner feelings but will understand you deeply.Capricorns and Scorpions are very similar in their most of the traits. Both are obstinate, vindictive and suspicious. There also exits a clash between the two personalities. The first one is very emotional while the latter is very practical and hard-headed. The match is not excellent as both are very strong and determined, neither of them would like to bend a little for another but both will agree on one point which is the financial security. This may enable them to accommodate with each other. Capricorn men are intelligent and possess a brilliant logical sense. They are ambitious and strong too. Scorpio women are also determined but they are very emotional. They are passionately drawn to one another. Scorpio woman and Capricorn man can be of great support to one another, provided, they learn to respect each other's sentiments and emotions. There is a lot to learn from one another but it may take a long time to open up to each other.

To handle a Capricorn Man( by a Scorpio Woman): You are probably the most challenging woman he’ll ever give a second look. If he takes that second look, he’s yours. This is because he is a Serious Shopper. Capricorns don’t play games because they don’t waste time. Least of all their own.
To handle a Scorpio Woman( by a Capricorn Man): Come on like the immovable object you are. She can certainly live without you (or any man) but it feels so good to let those waves crash against the Rock of Gibraltar.

Degree of Romance: It’s so much more than that. We’re talking about a love that will endure all the tests of time. Patient, unalterable, a fortress against the world. Does that sound romantic?
Degree of Passion: They lay their lives down on each other’s altar. That’s pretty passionate.
Degree of Friendship: They really know the meaning of the word. They’ve got each other’s back.
Degree of Marriage: Terrific opportunity. Legally sanctioned or not.
Progression of Relationship: Each will move quickly to tie it down. No games.
When It’s Over: Scorpio will never love again. Capricorn will never feel happiness again. Don’t let it end.

Hair loss and Yoga

Recently , I was reading about yoga and hair loss and that is what I was informed. There are 4 major culprits of this menace - stress, hormonal imbalance, digestive problems and inadequate nutrition.And there are 3 facets through which we can handle this problem.

  • Extra supplements with Diet.
  • Yoga
  • Diet itself

Extra supplements with Diet : Please note that using Amla, Reetha, Heena or any other home remedy for that matter will not drive away these culprits alone ( though helps).

Yoga : Yoga can help in making hair strong and can also help in stopping hair non-genetic loss.

Pranayam especially anulom vilom where we breathe in from one nostril and breathe out from the other is excellent for relaxation and stress reduction.

Sirsasana - balancing our entire body on our head

Sarvangasana - balancing your body on your head and shoulders by placing your hips on the palms of your hands

- wherein we bend backwards as
we kneel and clasp the heels of our feet with our hands.

Pawanmuktasana - helps cure constipation. Lie on the floor and breathe in and as we breathe out, hug our knees to our chest. This asana along with Ustrasana (mentioned above) is very good for digestion and metabolism.

These asanas boost circulation to our scalp, face and thyroid thereby promoting super healthy hair, youthful and glowing skin and also help cure any hormonal imbalances.

Diet : Practice these asanas over a period of time and hair should become strong. But not without some healthy food…Deficiency of certain vitamins and fat (that's right, dieting is bad for your hair) cause hairfall. If we are on a low-fat diet we risk losing hair because fats are necessary for absorbing Vitamin A and E which are a must for healthy hair. Other essential nutrients are - Vitamin B complex, B12, Vitamin C, proteins and carbohydrates.

Lists of foods which are rich in the above mentioned nutrients:

* " Vitamin A - pumpkin (richest in Vit A), dried apricot, carrot and spinach
* " Vitamin E - wheat germ, almond, avocado and coconut (therefore coconut oil is good for hair)
* " Healthy fats to absorb Vit A and E - Kachi ghani tel also known as cold-pressed oil like extra virgin olive oil, mustard oil, and coconut oil. Omega 3 fatty acids like flax seeds, walnuts and oily fish are also very good.
* " Vitamin B-complex - Available in most food items rich in carbohydrates like wheat and rice
* " Vitamin C - berries (like amla), lemon, oranges and guavas (these have four times more Vitamin C than any other fruits)
* And lastly, if we have been vigorously rubbing the tips of our fingernails against each other in the hope of having healthy hair, acupressure specialist Omar Farooque of Mumbai's Evolve Med Spa reveals, "There is no science that proves that doing so will promote healthy hair. Rather this practise is a belief, since the tips of our nails have reflex points that stimulate blood flow to the eyes, sinuses and head onwards....So what about Baba Ramdeve's Rule

Easter Egg tradition

Today is a Easter Sunday, and so many kids here in Norway( an other places where they celebrate Easter) kids wake up to find that the Easter Bunny has left them baskets of candy. Before Easter Sunday kids decorate and paint empty eggs and on Saturday night Easter bunny comes and hides the eggs that they decorated earlier that week. On Sunday, Kids hunt for the eggs all around the house and the child who finds the most eggs wins a prize.

I tried to find more about the importance of painting/dyeing eggs and so....
- Among Christians,the Easter eggs represent new life("the seed of life"), and Christ bursting forth from the tomb and sometimes called - "Christ is risen!"
- After the death and resurrection of Jesus,Mary Magdalene was invited to a banquet given by Emperor Tiberius. When she met him, she held a plain egg in her hand and exclaimed "Christ is risen!" Caesar laughed, and said that Christ rising from the dead was as likely as the egg in her hand turning red while she held it. Before he finished speaking, the egg in her hand turned a bright red, and she continued proclaiming the Gospel to the entire imperial house.
- Another version says -After the Crucifixion, Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary put a basket full of eggs at the foot of the cross. There, the eggs were painted red by the blood of the Christ. Then, Mary Magdalene brought them to Tiberius Caesar (see above).

Succession problem : Is it a typical Indian leadership nature ?

Tata group's inability to find a 'right' successor for Ratan Tata compel me to look this issue in broader perspective and that somehow takes me to the entities where finding a charismatic,natural and 'Sarvya Manya' leader seems to be herculean task if not impossible.
If we look at India as a nation, then we find that on numerous occasions Indians has difficulties in finding right successor of head to Political party/Govt/Corporate or state(empire in Older days). Here are the examples :
- A company like Infosys can not spare itself from controversies when they are in the process of finding their next CEO and Chairman (as Infosys Chairman NR Narayana Murthy is retiring in aug-2011).
- After a successful tenure, when chief minister,Y S Rajasekhara Reddy died it was very difficult to find his successor in Andhra Pradesh.
- DMK is having trouble in finding successor to Mr. M Karunanidhi democratically.
- Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray could not be able to select his successor in an amiable manner.
- Main opposition Party BJP is having trouble in deciding who will be the successor to Mr. L.K. Advani.
- I just read that Sri Sai baba is no more and so I wish there should not be any issue in finding his successor as well.

It says a lot about the leaders himself and leadership qualities of Indians in general.I am not criticizing Indians but just analysing a general pervasive phenomena in society.At least one thing is sure that we do not believe in developing leaders naturally,tactically and democratically and do not plan for leadership succession well in advance.

What is Passive Resisters ?

Until now I was thinking that Gandhi would have been lover of Hockey(as India was doing great at international level during his period) or Cricket(game of elite class- at that time)but was surprised to know that he was an ardent football lover.

During his stay in South Africa, Gandhiji was closely associated with Football- Not as player but as Manager of Football club - “Passive Resisters”. This club owned 2 teams : Johannesburg Passive Resisters and Pretoria Passive Resisters.( named so after the political philosophy, inspired by the writings of Henry Thoreau and Leo Tolstoy).

True to his ideals, the Mahatma educated the young club-members on the positives of non-violence, and also encouraged his team to use lesser aggression in their games during his half-time lectures.

What fascinated Gandhiji in particular was the notion he had of football’s nobility. At that time, the idea of team play was much stronger than the idea of individual ‘star’ players, and this is something that greatly appealed to him. He believed the game had an enormous potential to promote team work. Certainly he appreciated the game’s usefulness in attracting large crowds, but it would be a mistake to think that football was only a communications platform for Gandhi. It was, I believe, much more. It was one of his great personal passions and one of the ways in which he was able to find spiritual peace.

Sadly, the club did not have a very long run, and in the absence of Gandhiji, it closed in 1936.

Playing football for 1 hr/day is better than meditation

Just read that Great hindu philosophies-Swami Vivekananda, was also football fan. He believed that playing football for one hour every day is better than meditation.I tried to find out more about his sports vs mediation philosophy but could not find it....

Another IITan takes 'Yes we can' initiative

Another IITian has taken the initiative to change the Indian rural environment.25 year old Rohit Garhwal(IIT-khg 2008) now cherishes a dream of developing an international platform for the traditional agriculture art & craft forms and agriculture and minimise the exodus of rural talent to cities.He has left fortune 500 company job and

To achieve his dream :
- He left his job and
- joined as consultant of an NGO Helplads
- and now got admitted into IIM-A.
- He started the groundwork travelling daily from one dusty village to another on the state roadways bus to the hinterland of Sikar,
presiding over small public gatherings, explaining to the villagers the need for education and healthcare to alleviate their social and economic status.
- He uses his technical skills and organises workshops on themes ranging from the basics of a computer to robotics for village children.
- He plans fund-raising activities along with developing business models for small-time social entrepreneurs in this region.Born in Guman ka Bas village of Sikar district, Garhwal received call letters from all IIMs.Garhwal said that there is no substitute for grit and hard work.
"My father is an uneducated man but he wanted me to study well," he said, adding his father, Kishan Kumar Garhwal, a farmer in Guman ka Bas village, is his source of inspiration.
"When I was a child, my father told me stories of great men like Lal Bahadur Shastri and Gopal Krishna Gokhale. He tough me the importance of education by narrating tales of Gokhale,
who studied under street lamps at night," Garhwal said.

Who is Maximilien Robespierre ?

Today I was reading a book about the food we eat and its relationship with our culture, thinking and behaviour.In this book 2 most evil man in the world are mentioned. They both were vegetarians and i.e why , I was interested in exploring them as somebody has said -We think, dream and act according to what we eat and drink.they talked about the Adolf Hitler and Maximilien Robespierre - A french guy(died in 1794) key person in French revolution.Later in Wiki I found that Robespierre has quite impressive style of oratory.
Robespierre’s popularity and appeal to the community came out mostly in the way that he spoke.

His speeches were exceptional, and he had the power to change the views of almost
any audience. (This is one of the reasons why he became such a strong force in the Terror.) His speaking techniques included talk of virtue and morals, and also quite often he
had a few rhetorical questions in his speeches in order to identify with the audience. He would also gesticulate and use ideas and personal experiences in life to keep the
listeners’ attention. And his final method was to state that he was always prepared to die in order to save the Revolution.(Ironically, his death would be an end to the Revolution.)

Rhetorical questions ?- Does not need answer but stimulate you to answer internally.
You are ashamed, aren’t you?
How much longer must our people endure this injustice?
Why me?

How to be healthy with just one lunch...

Today, I had lunch with one of my Indian colleague/friend and the benefit I had that just one lunch with him made me more health concious than before in some areas.This is what he told me:

1. Every human has cancer attack in his life many time but his/her body takes care of such attacks and very few-whose body can not cope up with such attack , gets this as disease.
2. We must include Flax seeds (alsi ka beej) in our diet.Flax seeds contain high levels of dietary fiber+abundance of micro-nutrients+omega-3 fatty acids. Flax seeds may lower cholesterol levels, especially in women.
3. Every 3rd Norwegian gets cancer in Norway( little doubtful).
4. Cancer cells need sugar to stay healthy and has master-slave cell structure - where slaves are passive until master is active and once master is dead(or removed), they become active and can cause more damage than before.
5. Haldi(Turmeric) is the best preventive to protect against cancers( like prostate cancer,pancreatic cancer,Breast Cancer ) and so in every evening everyone should drink one glass of milk with half tablespoon of haldi+kali mirch.
6. One should eat( or drink it's juice) wheat grass' as much as possible.It boosts the immune system,metabolism and increases the rate at which body burns fat.

There may be some of the things which may not be 100% accurate but even if they are 80% can make us much healthier...

Doctors in Rural India ?

I heard that GOI is planning to introduce 'Bachelor of Rural Medical and Surgery (BRMS)' course to create a cadre of healthcare workers for the rural areas. But as I see now, the shortage of doctors in rural India stems from the unwillingness of most doctors, who were born,educated and trained in cities, to move to rural areas. GOI is doing its efforts by encouraging doctors by offering better perks but in spite of perks doctors are not encouraged to practice in rural areas with the same enthusiasm.
For example, I looked at the trend in Maharastra( and rest of India is not very better than it ).
The Directorate of Medical Education and Research ( DMER) has following trend information :

-Graduate : Out of the 2000-odd MBBS students passing out of the public colleges every year , 100 go to serve in rural areas.
- PG : Out of the 1,000-odd who pass out every year, less than 50 are found taking up a job in rural areas.

Maharastra, Directorate of Health Services (DHS) stats reveals following:
2005-06 : out of 748 doctors only around 233 had joined the service.
2008-09 : out of 1,217 , only 174 candidates joined state-run hospitals.
2010-11 : Out of the 2,136 applicants who showed interest in joining government hospitals in,only 285 candidates actually ended up taking the job.

Last 5 years : out of the 7,486 applications received from doctors who were willing to serve in rural hospitals only 1,376 actually joined the service.

Another aspect :
Why should the rural population be left at the disposal of doctors who are not trained equivalent to their counterparts in the country.

What should be done :
  • Problem is there in legislation only; main problem is there in implementation.The people who are responsible at the district level are not interested about their role and do not have enthusiasm to solve the issue.They can complain easily about the unavailability of doctors but do not involve in part of solution.
  • Problem is also there in rural healthcare infrastructure as well, doctors should have basic facilities to serve in rural hospitals/health centres so along with basic personal immunities like fooding,security and lodging for health care staff including doctors. This will help them in focusing on the health of rural area.

What to add and What to avoid in Daily food diet

List of Foods to Add in your Diet
  • Steamed Sprouts – 3 times a week,
  • Green leafy vegetables – 3 times a week,
  • Green Beans – 3 times a week, like Gavar, Chawli, Wal, Papdi, French Beans, broad beans, Ghewda.
  • Raw Salads – Radish, Beet root, Carrot, Cucumber, Tomato, etc. cut and add salt, pepper, a dash of lime, no mayonnaise, no salad dressing, no sauce.
  • Dry beans like Rajma, black beans, yellow beans, kidney beans – twice a week.
  • All types of dals – black dal, yellow dal – turn by turn – daily.
  • Paneer (Cottage Cheese), Chola (Chick peas), Soya, Tofu – each - once a week.
  • 4 – Walnuts / 4 – Almonds on alternate days.
  • 1 – glass milk per day.
  • 1– tsf ghee per day or 1 – slice of cheese per day.
  • 4 Fresh Fruits per day – cut & eat, with the fruit skin – no juice.
List of Foods to Avoid
  • Mutton, Red meat, Fish Fry, Tandoor Chicken. Home made fish or chicken cooked without frying can be had once in ten days, eat two pieces – no gravy.
  • Coconut gravy, groundnuts or peanuts, excess potato, pasta & noodles
  • Fried foods – wada, samosa, puri, papad, dosas, chips etc.
  • Sugar foods – chocolates, pastries, cakes, ice cream, sweets, desserts etc.
  • Bakery foods – biscuits, toasts, khari, puffs, patties, rolls, croissants, doughnuts, cup cakes etc.
  • Chinese foods – agino moto or Chinese salt is bad for hair.
  • Fast foods – Pizzas, Burgers, Canned foods.
  • Colas, Coke, Pepsi, soft drinks & all kinds of Juice.

97 hours and 97 runs

For Indians both winning the ICC cricket world cup and winning the battle to have civil society's 50% representation in lokpall bill are very significant historical events. They are not events of same domain but on a lighter note, I see following common things :
- Gambhir got out on 97 and Anna hazare ends his fast after 97 hours.
- By raising the issue of nepotism in the Lokpal Bill panel Ramdev is trying to steal the limelight away from Anna Hazare. For me this is same as Dhooni trying to change the batting order...and taking a lead over the efforts of Gambhir.
PS ! . This was just an odd comparison, I know...

We are the world- World Champions

This is a historic moment for India as India has conquered everything at this moment in the cricketing world. We are :
- No. 1. team in Test cricket
- No. 1. team in One-day cricket
- 2010 Asia cup winners
- ICC 2011,World champions

Special thanks to Sachin,Yuvraj,Gambhir,Kohli,Raina,Zaheer,Sehwag and last but not least Mahi- the luckiest cricketing captain of the world. Apart from brilliant performances from all team members Dhoni's luck has made this possible.
Yesterday's win was not just an ordinary win, this was the testimony that current Indian batting line up is the best in the world and we do not only rely on charisma of Sachin and Sehwag to win world cup.We must not forget the role of Garry Christian- the current indian coach who has put together such a fantastic team and made them belief that they can beat any team if they play together and deliver their 100%.

India will always play fair, be in war or in cricket, and there will be no exception to that rule

I just read this news where it is said that India could have been qualified for ICC cricket world cup final even if they lost to Pakistan in semi-final at mohali on 30-april-2011. This is because of the fact that 4 players of the current Pakistani team are born in POK(Pakistan occupied Kashmir).
The ICC law 1.4(11) could have been invoked here to save India. As per 1.4(11) to play Under-19 cricket or above at the international level, a player has to be
a) a national or
b) be born in a recognized country or
c) is resident in the country for at least 90 days in each of the immediately preceding seven years.

A sub-section of the law that enumerates a "disputed domicile" states that any player from a country/state not recognized by all Test-playing and associate members of the ICC can be disqualified at any time if they fail to submit a certificate of clearance from ICC (hours prior to a match to the host country).

These certificates were not submitted by Pakistani Foreign Ministry to MEA,India on time and in absances of such certificate all these players could be disqualified and another rule says that if 4 or more players from a team of disqualified then irrespective of match result match will be deemed as null and void and defeated team is automatically eligible for a walkover.

MEA had an emergency cabinet meeting around 5 pm, when the Indian innings seemed to be floundering after in-form Yuvraj Singh lost his wicket to a full toss and Pakistani spinners took control leaving India gasping at 194/5.Then BJP leader Jaitley told SM Krishna "..a win looks impossible,..” and then they floated the idea of match reversalon the basis of law 1.4(11) .

Krishna, who reportedly contacted Singh to apprise him of the latest development, was asked by him not to go ahead with plans of a match reversal in case India lost to Pakistan to uphold the spirit of the game.

Singh is said to have told Krishna that “India will always play fair, be in war or in cricket, and there will be no exception to that rule.” A united Opposition led by Jaitley said they were ready to dispute Singh’s decision to “play the game fair” had India lost to Pakistan, in Parliament’s monsoon session starting July 26.

As it turned out, India won the match, making all of this a hypothetical possibility only. But it remains to be seen whether Singh’s refusal to take this drastic step will be continued in his management of India-Pakistan relations in the face of a belligerent Opposition.

Krishna, who reportedly contacted Singh to apprise him of the latest development, was asked by him not to go ahead with plans of a match reversal in case India lost to Pakistan to uphold the spirit of the game.

Singh is said to have told Krishna that “India will always play fair, be in war or in cricket, and there will be no exception to that rule.” A united Opposition led by Jaitley said they were ready to dispute Singh’s decision to “play the game fair” had India lost to Pakistan, in Parliament’s monsoon session starting July 26.

As it turned out, India won the match, making all of this a hypothetical possibility only. But it remains to be seen whether Singh’s refusal to take this drastic step will be continued in his management of India-Pakistan relations in the face of a belligerent Opposition.

Considering the date of the day before the World Cup final, there is no reason to believe any of this. This report is a figment of the imagination, in keeping with the spirit of the first of April.

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