Who am I ?

Many times , I do ask myself the same question 'who am I ?' and then I wonder - will I ever be honestly able to come up with an answer to this question ? ... difficult not impossible. People, emotions, failures and success are affecting me,changing me each. May be my surname has good impact on my life. I am always a 'Vidyarthi' (literal meaning 'student' ) in this world who is learning and unlearning each and every moment. Sometimes when I look at my FB posts,blog posts, FB likes/dislikes I come up with the words like following:
  • Typical Capricorn Guy 
  • Blessed guy who has experienced being son,brother,father,student,teacher,trainer, coach,consultant, manager and the husband... each of this has made an impact on my personality. 
  • A Software Professional by profession 
  • Talented guy who is lucky( or maybe a lucky guy with talent )
  • An Indian living Indo-Norwegian life 
  • Believer in humanity and togetherness
  • Follower of healthy and simple living
  • Sentimental when it comes to relationship
  • A Guy who always like to be honest and never believed in unfair means
Still you think... you don't know me well... 
Then just come for a dialogue and you will know all in few minutes as I am talkative n extrovert too...Can't hide myself  :)....


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