How many Indians are in Norway ?

"So how many Indians are in Norway?" has asked me today. This was the same question that was thrown at me few days back but I did not have the correct answer so I thought that I would get the exact figure today and now I have the number(at least for a year ) . As on 1-jan-2015, Norwegian govt's statistical department website( says that there are 18568 Indian immigrants  in Norway and this includes following :
- Born in Norway to Norwegian-born parents
- Immigrants
- Norwegian-born to immigrant parents
- Foreign-born with one Norwegian-born parent
- Norwegian-born with one foreign-born parent
- Foreign-born to Norwegian-born parents

So it means it includes both NRIs+OCI/PIOs.

Can we do so many things and so good is example :)

In today's hectic life , it is not possible to do the things one by one. Many time when I have involved myself  with multiple assignments and could not justice with some of them then I always think how could other people do the same in similar situation. In the situation like these quote like following helps and motivates to be on right track and be focused ...  

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