Every time we say...we should improve but .....

1. Satyendra Kumar Dubey.2003-Project director(IIT-K alumni),NHAI at Gaya,Bihar
2. Shanmugam Manjunath...2005-manager( Graduate) at IOC,Lucknow
3. Yashwant Sonawa.............2011-Additional District Collector,Malegaon,Maharastra

Above list just does not show different names but shows that :
1. Corruption is not specific to any department or state.
2. Young officers have the courage to face the corrupt people even if the system is not supportive.
3. All state government took some action to show that they will not spare the culprit but is punishing one culprit is enough ? should not they do more to avoid such occurrences ?
4. Central/state Governments does not have policy/regulation in place to protect the honest officers.People can say that we have :
- RTI( where RTI activists are killed) and
- CVC(Mr. P.J. Thomas) where top official of the country's highest anti-corruption watchdog seems to be an accused on bail.
- Legal system - where 2/3 laws are obsolete,thousands of cases are pending.

Such incidents lower the morale of honest officers and, in many cases, political interference helps the culprits to escape capital punishment. Unless these are checked, criminals will continue to rule the roost.So what action is needed :
1. Anti-corruption Legislation from Central government with severe punishment for guilty or even guilty probable. After Raja,Kalmadi,Ashok Chavan,P.J. Thomas PM is in desperate need of such legislation to save his face(if not Kursi).This is the high time* when Dr. Singh can invite a special anti-corruption session in parliament where all national level parties unanimously pass this bill.
( * When )
2. Absolute Fast-track courts for corruption cases.
3. A Wikileak type of online interface where people can lodge corruption-proof anonymously.

I wish no mother will lose his son to such pathetic system.

Why Neem Honey should be used more for healthsake ?

My niece has comparably weaker immune system and thus she is susceptible to cold. On my recent visit to India , one of the experienced KGMC,lucknow doctor told me to give her the some natural things to improve his immunity.One of those things was Neem Honey.He asked her and us to use it in our daily life as it is full of Vitamins & Minerals. I did some efforts before I finally got a bottle of Neem Honey at matabadal pansari,Aminabad.

Later I tried to explore the goodness of Neem Honey and surprised to know that it is one of the finest Honey type for everybody.It is obtained from the Neem tree. So Neem Honey is natural blend of anti-inflammatory+anti-tussive+antiseptic qualities of Neem plus antiviral and faster curing properties of Honey.As per the records :
1. It is good for improving eye sight.
2. Harmless for diabetic patients.
3. Good Blood Purifier.
4. Improves complexion of body.
5. Natural tonic for kids.

Best Usage: One Teaspoon before bedtime or once a day in the morning before breakfast.
Note : Do not mix with anything HOT as this will destroy the live enzymes in the honey and cause some of the venom to evaporate.

Some more points for Honey in general :
Ancient Greek athletes consumed honey to boost their energy and performance levels during Olympics events as it contains glucose and fructose, known to produce tremendous reserves of glycogen in the liver.1-TS in night can support our brain function. The fructose is stored as energy reserves in the liver, ready to fuel the brain overnight.

Colds are caused by viruses and honey is a natural antiviral. In a Pennsylvania State College of Medicine study, a spoonful of honey outperformed over-the-counter cold remedies.,Research in 2007 by Shone Blair at Sydney University concluded that honey dressings for superbug wound infections should be used as a 'first choice'.

Honey supports friendly gut bacteria, aiding digestion, and is good for those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and thrush. According to previous studies, one should consume 2 TS , 3 times a day for gastric ulcers.

Honey boosts the immune system and has an antibacterial effect internally and externally, helping the body to heal.

Why Norway is warmer than other similar places of Northern hemisphere

I did not know answer to above so .....
The Gulf Stream* is the reason why the temperatures in Norway are 5-8°C warmer than at comparable latitudes elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

*The Gulf Stream is a powerful, warm, and swift Atlantic ocean current that originates at the tip of Florida, and follows the eastern coastlines of the United States and Newfoundland before crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

The Namesake - another revisit

After 3 years,A watched the The Namesake , a movie that has more meaning and substance to the Indians settled abroad.I also looked at Nikolai Gogol to unearth the hidden treasure about him as well.Somewhere I am deeply touched with the events portrayed in the film and experienced the deja vu.

I guess the real credit goes to Jhumpa Lahiri for writing such a great novel and then to Mira Nair and her team for the remarkable film. It perfectly shows the :
1. Indian immigrant family experience
2. Emotion of Indian parents and relatives.
3. Generational gap between NRIs and their foreign born kids

I wish kids of all the NRIs/PIOS and their kids watch this movie and love and respect the culture( irrespective of the problems and issues that we face in India ).

I wish in future,my kids ( if they stay in foreign land for rest of their life) watch this movie and understand the feelings of Indian parents and culture.

Advice - Healthy and cheap food(Norway)

I found the Following advice on the norwegain health directorate website(http://www.helsedirektoratet.no)
  • Look for cheaper brands that offer products in all the basic food groups.
  • Save money by providing more space for vegetables and potatoes on dinner plates and less room for meat. Beans and lentils are healthy, and you save money if they replace the meat.
  • 1 kg frozen vegetables can be inexpensive and suitable for many dishes.
  • Traditional vegetables k√•rot, carrot, onion and leek are mostly reasonable all year round and can be the basis for many dishes - baked, or as a base in soups and stews.
  • Follow the seasons when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Do you have storage capacity is autumn a good time to buy large quantities of fruit, berries, vegetables and potatoes.
  • Save money by replacing French fries with potatoes.Baked potatoes can be an easy and exciting option.
  • Fish fillets, such as pollock, is an affordable alternative to meat.
  • Lean ground beef is not necessarily more expensive than regular ground beef.
  • Eat more bread and cut thicker slices. There are cheap varieties of bread keeps you full longer. Bread is also much cheaper than an order.
  • Healthier cereal is usually cheaper than products with a lot of sugar.
  • Milk with Keyhole that extra light and skimmed milk is rarely cost more than light and whole milk.
  • Lean meats, like ham or turkey fillet, cost is not necessarily more than meats with higher fat content.
  • Do not throw away leftovers. Use residues to order (fried fish) or in casseroles and omelets the next day. Residues may also be suitable as supper or freeze.
  • Mager quark is a healthier alternative to sour cream and not expensive. Quark can also be used to make different kinds of dip.
  • Fruit and vegetables as snacks are cheaper than chocolate and crisps.
  • Water is the best thirst drink. Choosing water instead of soda reduces both the intake of sugar and monetary costs.
  • Compare the price per kilogram. It can be found on shelf labels.
  • Look at the ingredient list.Foodstuff contains most of what is first.
  • Look for good deals.
Note : Children and parents should not be fooled by the candy-like supplements(except oil).

Manisha Mandir : Home for Destitute girls

Reading the story of lovable daughter Manisha's sad and untimely demise, I could feel the nature of pain that Dr. Sarojini Agarwal had when she faced God's decision.Only a can mother knows how the kids feel when they don't have MOTHER in their life.The work being done for the destitute girls by Dr. Agarwal thru her organization Manisha Mandir,Lucknow shows that if you do anything with heart and soul , it can really make a difference in society. Looking at the website of the organization I am sure that :
  • In spite of initial hurdles(e. finance,space and family responsibility) she made Manisha Mandir a success story.
  • Manisha Mandir is well connected with the people who are in power and can help the organization.
  • Manisha Mandir has a clear vision and plan to succeed in society.
Somewhere in my mind , I recalled the line 'jaake pair na phati bivai wo kya jaane peer parai'.

I wish :
  • Girls coming out of Manisha Mandir take confidence and self-dependence qualities for Dr. Agarwal and be role models for others.This will exponentially spread the work of Dr. Agarwal in supporting other such kids.
  • More and more people connect themselves with her mission and vision and there will be more such initiatives in other part of Lucknow.
Website of Manisha Mandir : http://manishamandir.org

So who are the key Indian DTH winners in 2010

As the Indian DTH market is started to take new height(surpassing USA as the world’s largest Direct-broadcast satellite market ) , it is very important to look at the top winners in 2010 to guess the trend of 2011 . On the basis of net subscribers in calendar year 2010 , the top 4 players are :
  • Tata Sky (80:20 JV of Tata group and Star TV ) ->CAS supported by NDS
  • Dish TV (a ZEE TV subsidiary) -> CAS supported by Conax
  • Sun Direct(80:20 JV of Maran family and Astro Group.Malaysia ) -> CAS supported by Irdeto
  • Airtel Digital(Bhart group) ->CAS supported by NDS
So even in 2010 NDS got more growth in India as compared to Conax and Irdeto.

Mr. Gulam Nabi Azad ..are you mistaken ?

I read that Union health minister Sri. Ghulam Nabi Azad feels improving use of any form of contraceptives is only way India can stabilize the population by 2060. Previously he set this target to be achievable by 2045.

This is so pathetic......I am sure he understands and knows that population is no. 1 enemy to the all round development of nation but not doing enough in this direction......I am 1000% sure India will not get this target even by 2060 as just preaching villagers and illiterate people to use contraceptive is not sufficient as they have their own reason to disobey Azadji's suggestion. eg :
1. If people like Kalmadi and A. Raza who sits at top position can not be patriotic when doing their work how can we expect our fellow citizens ( with little insight) to be patriotic and stop breeding( sorry for this word)
2. Why country like China tried to curb it through legislation ? Did not they thought about what Mr. Azad is thinking now ?
3. I just checked the site of Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) and found that they do not have any M&E parameter where their progress is monitored on the basis of child birth control. i.e distribution of contraceptive will be just add-on responsibility for them...so why they will give this as prime importance ?

I request people not to link population growth as Hindu/Muslims issue but a national issue.

TOI post : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/usrmailcomment.cms?msid=7261882&usrmail=anurag.vidyarthi@gmail.com&mailon_commented=1

Mission - Obama to Mama : Prithijit Patrik Basu

I salute to the people of like Mr. Prithijit Patrik Basu,Kolkata-born MBBS doctor who is serving at American Liver Foundation,USA. His mission :

Opening up a liver research and treatment centre in Kolkata with budget of 100 cr.
- sub-centres in districts surrounding the Kolkata.
- Each sub-centre will be inter-connected and also linked to the main centre through satellite.
- Institute will have a helipad and helicopter facilities to airlift patients from remote areas.
- Institute will have a doctor exchange programme with medical establishments in the US.

Question : as of now he says 'The institute will cater to poor patients' but this will be matter of future concern as poor in India easily* does not get this kind of facility cheap*.We have Institutes like Apollo, Fortis and Medcity but how much helping or serving the poor people is still a question ?
So good luck to Mr. Prithijit in his noble efforts ....

Kumble ...Man of values

Anil kumble's decision to concentrate on Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) and not to take part in IPL 4 shows the honesty missing in most of the high profile people.This certainly shows the values he posses as compare to the other high profile sports people who holds multiple posts just for fame and money . For eg. Suresh Kalmadi who is president of
- Indian Olympic Association(IOA),
- Asian Athletics Association, and
- Athletics Federation of India simultaneously and also hold the post of Chairman of the Organizing Committee of recently concluded Commonwealth Games.Only God knows how he could manage the time to all these and worked as active congress party member also. He should have learned something from the people like Kumble, who is not so much fame hungry and Money minded and wants to work for betterment of sports. I wish Kumble best of luck in his future endeavours.

Saddest new year of my life..........

This New year-2011 was the saddest New year as I was missing my Mom at this so called 'festive time'.I realized that when she was alive I did not miss her as much as I am missing her now.She was the only person in this world knows me more than me and so I lost my inner soul in outer world.I know that I would never get the shoulder where I can put my head and cry or the person who feels my pain before it people see it in my eyes...I know that I would never get the warmth in my home , when my visit the home again.

But on the other hand I am satisfied and thankful for the GOD as :
1. He gave Mom THE BEST treatment and feeling and took her with him in few seconds.....THANK YOU GOD.
2. He gave Mom chance to do a lot of things that she wanted to do...
3. He gave Mom , the power to oblige so many people whether they belong to my father side or mother side

It does not matter how long you live what matters is how well you live

I Love you Mom as always....

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