Why Not Sixth time..it is NOT TOO LATE

When somebody in India talk about the Norway the most important topic they talk about is the ‘Noble peace prize’- An Oscar for people who did great work to make sure peace is maintained in world we live. This world famous coveted award is given every year on 10-dec to the noble laureate(s) of the world to recognize their contribution to world peace and humanity.

Every citizen the world’s biggest democracy(along with other people of the world) believes and support that this great prize is not meaningful if it is not awarded to Mr. Mohandas karamchand Gandhi ( Mahatma Gandhi) – who not only practiced peace doctrine throughout his life to demonstrate its effectiveness at its best but also promote the different ways( like Satyagraha and Ahimsa) of achieving it and also established a foundation for others(like Martin Luther king jr. and Nelson Mandela) to follow it .

Being an Indian living is Oslo I am always fascinated by the ‘Noble peace prize’ and always have desire to see Gandhi getting this coveted prize(even posthumously) . Recently I heard Norwegian Nobel Committee chief Ole Danbolt Mjos stated "(Mahatma) Gandhi was short-listed for the Nobel Prize five times,". In 1948 Gandhi was nominated 5th time by Nobel Prize Committee but it’s “unanimous” decision was abandoned(at the last moment) by the Gandhi's assassination in the same year.

He accepted "For the first four, majority opinion made sure he did not come by the prize. But then, at the end of 1947, the Committee finally reached a unanimous decision that, come 1948, the Indian nationalist leader would be the recipient of the prize,". But, Mjos said, as events were to turn out Gandhi was assassinated in January 1948 upsetting the Nobel Committee plan at the last moment.Nobody was conferred with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1948, the website of the Committee shows.

My question( and many other Indians as well) here is :

“Why Can’t Gandhi be deemed as qualified to be a Nobel laureate in the present world context”
His theories are omnipresent and effective in every world peace movement and actually more suitable in today’s world. The point here is that if noble committee can take a controversial decision of giving prize to former UN secretary general Dag Hammarskjoeld in 1961 then WHY CAN’T THEY TAKE SUCH DESCISION AGAIN for the person who is the biggest pioneer of word ‘PEACE’ in the 20th centaury.


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