From 02012010 to 02022020 ..Can we be No. 1

As an Indian , I want India to increase its manufacturing export share in world market in 2010. I think that if the states like Gujrat and Bihar starts moving fast ( as they are doing now ) , India can do well in this direction. Currently China's share of the world's manufacturing exports is more than 8% while India stands at just under 1%. With the sold economical growth , I Guess , India is correctly poised to take on with China provided we can face the following changes carefully :

  • Infrastructure projects need constant supervision and high level of monitoring. No outsider/private shareholder should be allowe to damage such projects. News like this should be avoided.

  • Infrasture projects and PPP projects should be well funded by the national level organizations like LIC as well, so that profit is restricted to Indian companies.Not only this Gvernment should

  • Giving importance to Infrastructure projects will also help in increasing the FDI inflow as well towards manufacturing projects as well. Still Services sector gets around 22% of total FDI in India.

  • I know that FDI inflows to India are inevitably hit by the crisis but still India is doing better as compare to China but still international surveys like UNCTAD place India as 3rd compared to China's number 1 position. .

  • State Government should SEZ oriented policies and do their own efforts to not only establish the policy but proper implementation as well.


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