How to make super healthy Indian Tea Masala

After arriving to Norway, I always missed the real Indian Tea, that my Mom cooks at home.Here majority of people drinks coffee and people who drink tea just use the teabags which are high quality product but with low quality taste ( as compare to Indian masala tea). This panicked me and ultimately on my one of the previous india visit , I asked my Mom to make some masala powder and also let me know the secret ingredients. She agreed and since then I share the following recipe with anyone who says 'I am missing Indian Tea in Norway'. This Tea powder is not only good for taste but also has many natural ingredients that keep the throat healthy and adds value to health along with taste.So here is how My mom makes this :

Preparation for 600 gm Tea Masala :


Mix all the above ingredients in in grinder. Keeps in airpacked jar ( to avoid the flavour to go out). Boil the water with tea Masala+Shugar+TeaBag(s) and boil it , take the teabag(s) away and put the milk and enjoy the real Indian tea.

Note : For best results and health , please do not boil the milk, boil he tea but add milk later to tea just before drinking. This gives best health result.
Completely avoid the milk in tea( I tried and it worked for me

(When tea is taken with milk, theaflavins and thearubigins form complexes with the milk protein, which causes them to precipitate.It means that we don't get the health benefit from
these compounds nor from milk protein. Therefore, it is always advised to take tea without milk.)


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