I m fortunate that I am part of it...

Today I joined the Rosetog(i.e flower march) is Oslo along with thousands others in support of peace , harmony ,unity and compassion for each other.This was the time when Norway showed its character to the world. Norway has shown to the world that :
1. Norway not only promote the peace in other parts of the word by sending its peace keeping people and money
2. Norway not only encourage and support the efforts of peace in world by its Noble peace prize.
It also follows the same standards when it comes to handling the challenges like war,terrorism and hatred.

Thousands of  young kids,adult and pensioners all were part of this flower march. Every religion was present. And as usual there there was nobody(like security or police) to manage this crowd because in Norway people believe in self disciplined and  so it was not the crowed it was a giant grief stricken but united family marching for the cause of humanity.
- People were not shouting but instead raising their flowers as a sign of solidarity to world peace.

- Many people were having tears in their eyes but they were not angry.
- Everybody was sad but nobody was shouting slogans against anyone.
- Many foreigners who were not knowing Norwegian but still marching together because they believed what any Norwegian was thinking.
- People were carrying their kids on their shoulder, so that ultra young generation understand the feeling of compassion and unity. 
- Foreign media journalists were surprised by the behaviour of the Norwegian people.
- There was no VIP is the crowed ; all were equal.
- Though somehow police(politi) was late in reaching the Ut√łya but their sincere efforts were praised by the people...because everybody believe that they did their job with honesty and so deserve respect and applause.

Another Example of great country :
Mamma Behring( Mother of the guy who tried to kill the spirit of Norway) was not alone in this difficult situation of life Norwegian people have wrote to her following :

"Dear Mom Behring! In these bad times for you and the rest of the nation, we in this group that you should know that we think of you, you are also one of the relatives.....You are also hard hit, you are also one of the victims, you also are one of those that must be met with more care, more love and more kindness." 

"No one should judge you for what he has done. A mom will always love their children, and there is nothing wrong with that. Do not lock yourself inside came out and accept all the love we have to give you, "

It is very difficult to find such a country where the mother of mass-murderer is so protected and cared. I don't know but somewhere I think that noble peace prize for next year should go to people of Norway.

Some snaps to feel what I felt ...


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