Practical meaning of Minority ?

I am member of one yahoo group for foreigners in Norway and there very recently an American guy put up the following question :

"I'm applying for a job and one of the questions is this:
Har du minoritetsbakgrunn? Minoritetsbakgrunn defineres som personer fra Europa utenom EU/EFTA, Asia (inkl. Tyrkia), Afrika, Sør- og Mellom-Amerika og Oseania utenom Australia og New Zealand.
I translate it as:
"Do you have a minority background? A minority background is defined as people from Europe outside of the EU/EFTA, Asia (including Turkey), Africa, South- or Middle-Americas, and Oceania outside of Australia and New Zealand."

I'm from the USA so I'm not from the UE/EFTA but I'm also not from any of the areas listed above. Do you think I *am* considered a minority or...?Do any Caucasian Americans out there know from your own experiences whether you've been considered a minority?

and generous members of the group helped him by following responses :
  • I do not believe that a white American will be considered a minority in Norway.
  • I normally choose : Prefer not to answer :)
  • I am a white American and for the past 6 years here have been told not only that I am not a minority, but also that I am not a foreigner. Technically according to the dictionary definitions I am both in Norway, but that is not how the words are used on a daily/practical basis here.What it meant is pridomantly people with non-white skin colors who come from non-western cultures or countries.
This raises some more questions  like :
- Do Swedish people are minority in Norway or do Swedish people are immigrants ?
- Do Polish people are minority in Norway or do Polish people are immigrants ?

These are the questions which should be well answered in near future by Norwegian politicians.


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