Hotel Albert , Latvia - Beautifully inspired by Albert Einstein

Past week I spent in a calm and fascinating baltic city - Riga (capital of Latvia ).My company has the Nordic new joiner course for all the fresh,experienced people who recently join the company. As training is my hobby , so whenever I get the opportunity and have time I sign up as coach.Every time I come here, I meet interesting young fellows from Norway,Sweden,Denmark,Finland n Latvia and also celebrate the diversity in human nature(derived from cultural background).

We stayed in Radisson Blu, hotel Latvia in city centre but the actual venue of the training was hotel Albert.
By name it looks as if it is just another hotel ( whose owner might be some 'Albert' ) but it is not just another kind of hotel.It is a theme hotel which is inspired by the legendary scientist Albert Einstein and so interiors is beautifully and aesthetically designed to suit the work and life of Albert Einstein.Apart from this they have very polite and energetic staff who is shows 'yes, we can attitude' and food is great. Our whole team enjoyed their great hospitality every time and so they we are their permanent corporate client.

I love this hotel because it reminds us of the belief of Albert Einstein and so educate and inspire us.
I am putting some of the pictures of the hotel interior for you :

Note : only one watch runs clockwise , rest of the watches are running anti-clockwise.

Following is the picture of carpets they have in hotel:

Above are the pictures of the floor 5 and 7 , so every floor has Eienstein's formula.

Following are the pictures taken inside the lift :

Following are the symbols for toilets ; Guess , which one is for male ?


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