Big Responsibility for Cyrus Mistry

This seems to be big honour for him to step into the shoes of Ratan Tata.It will not just be chairmanship of $71 billion Tata Group that he will hold but he has to make sure that he carries the  legacy of Ratan Tata as well in terms of philanthropic life, simplicity, honesty and payback to society attitude. The aim of this unique Tata Group is to improve the quality of life in the society by virtue of integrity, understanding, excellence, unity and responsibility. Ratan Tata is known to lead these values throughout his public and private life. Tata’s contribution to India’s education, science and technology has been widely documented and respected.

Surprisingly Cyrus has proved his business acumen in past by making his own company more profitable but 'profit' is not the only thing Ratan Tata has earned in his life. These is much more than that......and that is why when he said 'Not a single paisa was paid to A.Raja in 2G scam' - nobody in whole India gave his statement second thought.
To me it looks a bit surprising choice, as previous chairmen never had a major direct stake in the Tata group - none of them appeared in the India's rich-list or Forbes 20 etc because most of them were just high paid employees Ratan Tata for instance owns about 2% stake in the one of the old group companies through inheritance etc, he was practically an employee of the group like all other employees and got a pay check (of course must have been a large one :-) ). The group structure of giving back all its earning and profits to the society it severed is perhaps not just unique in India but the world. BUT with this choice does it not change this philanthropic message, with the biggest shareholders family member becoming the Chairman. Would there not be a dilution on this core message and would there be a conflict of interest ? ...the time will answer.....But Best of luck to Cyrus Mistry...


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