The power of emotions ....:)

Though I must admit that I am not a movie buff but sometimes we all want to feel the different stroke.....So late Friday night , I wanted to see some great movie but basic intent was to watch something very different yet emotional.Tried to search for top 10 emotional hollywood movies but list could not satisfy my quest. Suddenly I realized that Youtibe has some different kind of movies that one watch....So just browsed youtube movies and found following 2 movies :

Perfect Opposites : Based on a western couple who wanted to Live together, in harmoniously, mutually fulfilling bliss. but destiny takes it own turn in their relationship episodes which clearly portrayed by cast and ultimately it is proved that experience and maturity comes with age and mistakes(perhaps :) ).Key Lines in the movie that I find catchy :
  • ...winning people like Aand a lot less important than losing people like C.
  • ...Live together, in harmonious, mutually fulfilling, emotionally gratifying bliss.
Later I was in good mood and had enough stamina left to go for another short movie and so landed with following :

Memories In March : A movies that clearly depicts a different angle to contemporary debated topic.This national award winning film has shown that emotions have power to change feelings of hate to love ( and vice-versa ). But willingness and time both are needed to understand that emotions is prerequisite for it. Movie director Sanjay Nag deserves full credit as the way he has depicted the plot is just admirable where as the credit of story goes to great Ritupano Ghosh.


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