Satyamev Jayate is NOT Mahabharat

Listen to this one Satyamev Jayate

Very recently I participated in a event where all participants are requested to donate/contribute some money for development and charity projects in Asia and Africa. I was very humbled to see the compassion of the Norwegians(in general Europeans) for such purpose. They were very sincerely and quickly filled the forms that says that they are ready to give away x% of their salary every month for this great NGO.Hats off to such initiatives.
While coming from there , I was thinking that can this kind of charity solve the problems in developing countries alone. Being an Indian obviously my mind was forcing me to think in the context of India and my conscience said- NO NEVER... DONATING MONEY CAN NEVER SOLVE THE PROBLEMS IN INDIA.WE ARE NOT SHORT OF MONEY.

What we need in India is a junoon to do the things for people.Love for money is prevailing over love for country/society. By the grace of God in India we have ALL - natural resources,human resource and technical resource  and billion of rupees as well. We have enough food to feed our country(Nobody should die of hunger), We have enough medicines to give better health services and we have enough engineers to automate the whole process to block loop holes in system. But hunger for money/profit is number 1 and this is affecting the behavior and attitude of common Indians.

What is the use of more money if that money is going towards corruption or become black money(and making all of Indian even more debt ridden). For uplifting the society India need money for sure but money is not first thing first things are following:
1. People who think for society/India.
2. Better Policy which serves the majority not just minority.
3. Better implementation of government schemes/projects.
4. Harsh punishment for people who obstruct point 2 and 3.

Unfortunately Anna Hazareji's movement is working for option 4 while Aamir khan is working for option 2 but nobody is working for option 2 and 3.

India can not be better place if we just once a while launch a good TV show(eg. Satyamev Jayate) or Anna anti-corruption movement. People will appreciate all this and forget once TV started broadcasting IPL and other soap operas.
We need to understand that Satyamev Jayate is not Mahabharat, which we can watch and forget. It is not history that we should just 'KNOW' for the sake of knowledge.It is not the serial where we just say 'what?' and 'Ohh' and then continue with routined life. It is 'Agaaz' of  a movement which should not stop after some Sundays it should become the JUNOON of todays India.Awareness is good for only those who don't yet not aware of it for others it MUST BE 'JUNOON'. A JUNOON to make India a better place for all of us and our coming generation.Remember that Gandhi,Subhash,Ajad, Bhagat they never spread the awareness alone they spread the junoon. If those people can spread the junoon 70-80 years back without media then why can not we do it with media, technology and even more intelligent and learned India. Aamir can do wonders !!!

In my opinion Aamir should repeat the same episode with new contestants(only those who got effected after first episode on same theme) after six months and then take it from there.We should never stop this junoon movement until we covered the point 2 and 3 as said above.Because then only we will be on the track to make India 'Shining'.

Signing off with the following song... Satyamev Jayate
Satamev Jayate....Jai hind.


smita said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

does it surprise you that i beleive something similar to what u ve said...amazingly u r happier about aamir going for awareness than i m .. u feel optimistic that this will start a junoon..a movement ... somewhat cynically i m not really beleiving that.. rather the soaps/IPL vl take over...but i do hope u r right n i m wrong... also nothing is ever acheived without fire.. someone must be on fire.. n it is exponen
tial if many r on fire about the same i hope it starts a mass
movement..bcoz only if it does will satyamev jayate have any meaning/serve a purpose.

Anurag Vidyarthi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I think this ALL depends upon Aamir. Considering his past performance I would expect him not to just stop with a show but continue this to a ANJAAM. As actor/national hero/perfectionist he has charisma that can inspire millions and stimulate the feelings. In India we have a line - "kahen siyapati sun hanumana ka chup saadh raha balwana" means Hanuman needs Ram to realize his true potential. SO Aamir should become the Ram and make all of us realize that 'Yes We Can!'

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