Fortunate or Unfortunate..

Like any other guy from U.P. , I had a lot of expectations from Akhilesh Yadav but slowly and slowly it is appearing to me that he is becoming just another U.P. CM. But I still believe in him....

Though I am not sure how much he helps his wife in guiding her to better direction but this example says that she is unfortunate that she could not get right advice from her own husband.

1. She is wife of in-office chief minister( who has majority(224/403) in state assembly).
2. Her father-in-law is M.P.,Founder and chief of a political party.
3. Her brother-in-law and uncle-in-law both are M.P.
4. She does not have any political status by virtue of her own(even lost last contested election by 85000).
5. She is mother of 3 young and cute kids and a young wife.

BUT She still thinks that Above is not enough and she still have more time and has less opportunity to contribute to serve the people of U.P. and so she got herself elected as M.P.

And We Indians who know this all but still elected her unopposed...I find it surprising that Anna Hazare who calls for 'right to recall'( to clean our election process ) could not muster the courage to go the to her constituency and make people realize that 'THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR DEMOCRACY' ( He was JUST busy with making sure that MS is proved to be corrupt)....How pathetic state of our politics.


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