Collaboration can make one successful..

Father : Auto-rikshaw driver
Father's Income : 15000 INR / month
House : 300 sq. ft
Name : Prema Jayakumar(age 24 )
Achievement :Topper in CA exam conducted by the institute of Chartered Accountants of India,2012.

Some key statements :
  • "..We always studied together as that helped us to discuss our problems with each other. My sister is my inspiration and it is she who helped me to clear the exam. Our neighbors were very supportive and maintained peace when we studied...”
  •  “My parents earned well as they both use to work...."
  •  "... My parents didn’t study beyond school, so they are very proud that both their children have opted for higher education.”
  •   “..Fees were never an issue in school or college. In my school days I used to get a scholarship, and the college fees were nominal...."
  •  “..The day I start working, I will ensure that my father can rest at home. He has always toiled for my welfare...”
Sum : Collaboration can be very crucial in competitive exams as it can inspire and guide us towards excellence.



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