Extra shadow in life to talk,share,care,enjoy,respect and have fun in the life..

Many times we read in Indian articles that patriarchal system is the main cause of increased divorce rate
in India and men alone for blamed for this.So I was thinking about it and so thought to list down the 'typical' reasons why a men wants to get out of marriage...

A modern educated man wants wife to :
1. Have a extra shadow in life to talk,share,care,enjoy,respect and have fun in the life. and/or
2. Have a extra earning partner so that life becomes more relax and luxurious. and/or
3. Take 'unquestioned' care of him and/or his parents. and/or
4. Take care of all the household chores(cooking,cleaning,planning...) that he doesn't wish to do by himself.

'typical' Indian       men :  gives priority to 2,3,4 in any order by 1 in in last.
( 'typical' European  men :  gives priority to 1 and rest 2,3,4 in any order.)

Based upon the above points, A modern men will go for divorce from his wife if she is unable to do point 2,3,4 or don't want to do them.
But what-if she does all 2,3,4 points well still husband wants divorce ? The reason is simple that either she is failed at point 1 or husband found another women who brings point.1 to husband's life....So in this case one thing is clear..Indian male who are highly educated or affluent or lives in non-Indian society tend to go for divorce for last reason because they acknowledge that earlier they selected the wife like a traditional Indian but now their modern instinct is prevailing and so wife 'obtained' with traditional Indian outlook does not suit them anymore.

One point which one can notice is that point 2,3,4 can be managed with time/money but point.1 is something that comes from upbringing and values that are developed over the years.So for a intelligent Indian women, it is extremely important to 'NOT TO IGNORE' the point.1.

Looking at my mom,grand-mom and grand-grand-mom ..... I analyzed that Indian women who are not very educated,beautiful and intelligent are managing their family without any hiccups are the one who knows how to support/encourage discussion,promote sharing , show caring nature , enhance enjoyment, give respect and bring fun in the family life in such a way that all the 3 points become less important.

Note : Incompatibility and infertility is not discussed.


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