Building relationship for life with your partner ....

Being a science student and guy with dominant left-brain, I always look for the guidelines, rules, phenomenon that explain the human behavior or guide us to understand it. I am pretty sure that there is no universal guidelines for it still 'Heart is Heart' and so sometimes I think if :
- I really like somebody or not ?
- I am good for other person ?
- Other person is good for me ?
- we are good for each-other ?
or simply why I am not good for him/her ?
or what should I do to make things better between us `?

Though I understand that answers to above questions varies from people to people and  situation to situation so obviously this discussion might be 'odd' but some points in my opinion are quite common and play vital role in building new relationship or understanding the reason of failure in previous/current one. So here are my 10 findings until now .......

1. If you can not see how the life of your future partner will be changed for good then don't make him/her partner.Both of partner must have this feeling for a good start and also understand other's perspective beforehand.
2. If you can not see that you have desire to listen/talk to your partner now then don't expect it to fire-up suddenly once you will be together in future.So don't let this feeling of 'don't care' ever house in your heart for the people you will be caring about.
3. If you get angry with your future partner and don't have feeling which says that you should talk to him/her then this feeling will be even stronger after you come together so beware of this sign !! Come forward with a positive attitude to solve it for good.
4. Both the partner needs to understand what they must offer to the relationship so that bond of relationship will be stronger. Lack/absence of such offerings will make things difficult in future relationship.
5. Finding a common interest is equally important in cementing a relationship because it brings both the partner to come together not just because of each other and also give them a chance to forget some things for good.
6. Both the partner needs to gain some knowledge about each-other's work/profession/skills.It helps in understanding how your partner is feeling/doing in is non-family life and so other partner can make things relaxing if not better(when desired) and can add value to partner's life.
7. Partners should not make him/her husband/wife because he/she wants it,it MUST ALWAYS be mutual to survive longer.One person can drag the things but how long ... we all have limits !!
8. Role of common 3rd person becomes very important in life. If both partner have some other person who can listen to them fairly then it is boon for relationship as this angel/adviser/guide will always work for both of them.Siblings/frnds plays very vital role in this.
9. Both the partner must understand that Winning of one and loosing of another is not good after they become ONE.'You are wrong or I am right' both are not good.So always work towards loosing or winning TOGETHER NOT ALONE.    
10.Both the tentative partners should invest time in courtship/dating in-person and/or remotely. In this way they gain answers/insight to above points for good.


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You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing. Reading blogs is my hobby and I randomly found your blog. I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging journey. Please keep in touch with me in Twitter, @ipersuade.

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you have my detailed comment already.. read "The road less traveled" Dr. Scott Peckt

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