Want to change....Be the change

Historical Win of Barack Hussein Obama has rendered Martin Luther’s dream prophetic which later gave at Lincoln Memorial in 1963.In his famous powerful speech "I-have-a-dream" Dr Martin had said “…little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character!"

Obama realised that dream through hard work and perseverance. His journey from a small-time community worker to the most powerful man in the world signifies that minority should not just demand the 'Change' but be part of the Change for Change.Obama's win is a landmark not only in US history but also in the world.It will inspire all the minority people of the world to come forward and lead the change rather than wait for change to come to them.

Obama lead the election by example:-
1.Obama declined federal funding while Mccain accepted.
2.Obama choose serious Joe Biden considering the nature of job but Mccain choose palin,just to fight with Obama only.
3.Obama believed in Policy while Mccain involved in personal attacks - accusing Obama of having a close relationship with a 'domestic terrorist', for example.
4.Obama said I am 'future-perfect' while he always rode on 'past-perfect'.
5.Obama never supported Bush-Economic-Policy while Mccain never rejected it 100%.

But there are few more reasons which caused the Obama to win and Mccain to lost.
1. Youth Power : Obama projected himself as 'Young' candidate and created powerful youth movement that pollsters and pundits often overlook.This caused a stunning 54% of young white
voters(18% of total) supported Obama, compared with 44% who went for Mccain.
Obama promised an era where young people will have a say in the political process,
that makes sense that he’s receiving that kind of support. Somewhere and somehow age factor played an important role in fight or 2.

2. Campaign Policy : Obama surpassed all other past and present presidential candidates in the way he and his campaign team did campaign.This resulted in not only the popularity but also helped him in collecting record $650 million fund as well.When Obama addressed gatherings, his internet site,Blogs ( Thanks to IT) were used by volunteers to sells T-shirts,Caps and help with the cleanup.


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