The terrible thing about terrorism is that ultimately it destroys those who practice it. Slowly but surely, as they try to extinguish life in others

After reading the news of death of my beloved teacher Mr. Randhawa (Hindustan Times, Dec 2, 2008 (Page 4) ) in the Mumbai terrorist attack , I could not slept the 3 nights and just wondering what he did wrong to get this unfortunate end. And that provoked me to dig out something more to understand the reasons behind this audacious attack on the innocent people not only Indians but other foreigners as well. Following is my personal understanding about the ‘ Why India was attacked …..’ I may not be 100% correct but even if I am 50% .....

Economy :
One month ago Pakistan was declared on the verge of bankruptcy while India was being treated as the leading economy in south-east Asia who was kind of unaffected by the global recession. While world renowned Finance expert was doing his best to make India a model economy, on the other hand Pakistan ( where mismanagement and corruption was as peak) was begging the International Monitory fund(IMF) and ADB for financial $ 100 Billion bailout package. India was attracting the more and more FDI while Pakistan was loosing International investments. This compelled the Pakistan to somehow make sure that India looses its financial/economical credibility and ‘Blast in Mumbai-Financial capital of India’ was the best example to show the world that ‘India is no better safe than Pakistan’.

For more details to support above thoughts please look the following news :

Sports :
Pakistan was declared as unsafe place for hosting almost all the sports events primarily Hockey and Cricket ,which are the main sports in India and Pakistan. On the other side of the border in India, Board of cricket control (BCCI) was getting cash rich with every events like Indian Premier Leage (IPL). More and more hockey and cricket countries are denying to participate in Pakistan hosted sports events(eg. Champians tropy).
This causes the Pakistan to meticulously plan and somehow demonstrate that India is equally unsafe place for hosting such sporting events.

Al-Qaeda link :
After Obama’s win in US , Pakistan was very much sure that if it does anything just on the basis of Kashmir then ,it would be facing a lot of criticism from western world countries. So it used it’s destructive mind and linked the terror-attack to Al-Qaeda. Pakistan was knowing that Al-Qaeda connection will be sufficient enough to show the world that this is the Mumbai events is not bilateral but International and not only this it asked its terror-men to kill the US,British and Israili citizens as well.
Not only this Pakistan tried to prove that India is becoming an ally to Israel and becoming the threat to Muslim countries so this attack should be seen as price for India-Israel friendship.

What is Pakistan’s current reality ?
* A very important point here I want to mention that the common and literate civilians in Pakistan understand the it more important for political leaders to concentrate on major severe issues like education,health-care and social benefits but those people have not much role/importance in political process. They really did not like the current corrupt President but who cares for them……
* Pakistan is the central headquarters of all terrorist activities under the authoritative command of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) an organ of Pakistan Army who have been sheltering Islamic terrorist organizations in the country through military as well as financial support. ISI is the real government in Pakistan. Although Pakistani religious groups have different mental equation when it is about the religion but there is no conflict among them if it is about Islam. Although they advocate a different Islam which was never the one introduced by Muhammad Bin Abdullah in Mecca some 1500 years ago, yet they are together under the supervision of ISI. ISI has sponsored this new brand of Islam with ulterior motives and to implement its hidden agenda. This new brand of Islam does not enjoy any recognition from the Muslims who really believe in Muhammad. It is indeed unfortunate that Islam has always been victimized throughout by the people who terms themselves as Muslims.
*North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) : what is this ?...This is smallest province of Pakistan(aligned to Afganistan) which in reality is not governed by Pakistani government but ….
In 1979 when Soviet Invaded Afghanistan,over five million Afghan refugees sheltered into NWFP (as of 2007 nearly 3 million remain). During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the NWFP served as a major base for supplying the Mujahideen who fought the Soviets during the 1980s(Not to mention that US supported these Mujahideen at that time ).Since then NWFP remained heavily influenced by events in Afghanistan and the civil war led to the rise of the Taliban, which had emerged in the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan as a formidable political force that nearly took-over all of Afghanistan. Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the NWFP became a frontline region again as part of the global War on Terror. This area is main problem area.

Is Pakistan knowingly/unknowingly accepting its role ?.........YES
Indian government knows the attack originated from Pakistan and proved to US,UK and Israel with the initial invetigations. In fact, the Pakistan government doesn't deny this bluntly . Following are the proofs :
* Now Asif Ali Zardari is telling Larry King that the attackers are "stateless people", he isn't saying they are not Pakistanis( and Pakistani media is saying that alive militant is sikh/hindu).
* Earlier in India, foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, told the media he was willing to send the ISI chief for a joint probe, signaling that he believed the attackers were Pakistanis.

Should anyone believe the words of Zardari(Mr. Ten-percent) ? No,No,No………………Never
Please read the following to understand why :
1. He assassinated Murtaza Bhutto( brother of Benezir) in 1996 because he confronted Zardari over bringing the Pakistan People's Party into disrepute over corrupt activities.
2. In 1998 , Swiss Government gave Pakistan government documents relating to corruption allegations against Zardari and wife, Benazir involving USD 13.7m in laundered money. In the same year French authorities revealed that Zardari proposed to give Dassault Aviation exclusive rights to replace Pakistani airforce fighter jets in return for a 5% commission.
3. In 2003 ,Swiss magistrates found Zardari and Bhutto guilty of money laundering, sentencing them to six-month suspended jail terms….
4. Before becoming president he had many criminal and corruption charges which have linked him with fraud, money-laundering, receiving bribes, and even murder but all were dropped to make sure that he become president.
5. His in-camera comments as president against the vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin showed his state of mind and political seriousness.
6. When Manmohan Singh called up Zardari ( and Pakistan PM Gilani called Indian PM) , he said the ISI director general Shuja Pasha would be sent to India to help out with the investigations. But by evening, the picture had changed. An ISI spokesman sounded very iffy about Pasha's visit. "Let the government tell us and we'll see," he said…..It shows that President and PM has very little role when it comes to a matter linked with ISI and army in Pakistan.

What India should do now ?
India has to believe in the fact that India do not depend on Pakistan for ANYTHING . We are much stronger democratically ,economically and socially and we have the power and willingness to secure our citizens ,territory and interests. But sometime it looks apparently that Pakistan is also like India but Pakistani history has proved that there is a clear disconnect between the Pakistani civilian government and the all-powerful military agencies like ARMY and ISI, which is causing difficulties for India in dealing with the situation. Every time after the undeclared war from Pakistani agencies/Army,India forgets all with time ( many Indians treat this as Indian political weakness)and starts meaningful dialogue to show the world that we are inherently peaceful and co-operating country(and WE ARE ..NO DOUBT) but in return we get Kargil,Kashmir attacks,Train-attack and Hotel-attacks…… and in reality Indian citizens pay the real price of such benevolent diplomacy. India as a nation has to do something drastic so that we can secure the future of our people………
1. Make a law which bars the political parties from stating the statements like ‘our part handles the terrorism better than X party’
2. Setup Central Federal Agency to combat the terror inside the country.
3. Setup special and separate NSG units in all the metro cities.
Modernize the Local state police departments and install the hidden CCTV cameras in all the important places of the main cities.
4. Break all the political and social links with Pakistan and declared that NO VISA will be issued to Indian who wants to visit Pakistan .India must Shuts its Embassy in Pakistan and stop all the political processes with Pakistan.
5. Make sure that Kashmir comes into main political stream and all the issuesds related to Kasmir are solved on high-priority. This will improve Indian image in International politics and also bar the Pakistan to raise its concerned about Kashmir.
6. Make sure that all the people linked to D-company and LeT are fully checked and monitored.
7. Setup special intelligence and monitoring body which focuses on the threats posed by Pakistan only and also supervise concerned department/organization handles such issues with proper priority. This body must have some special Research and Analysis wing which
a. Give special anti-terror technical know-how to the concerned commandos/police so that they can handle understand the latest gadgets/tools used by terrorists like GPS phone, internet and fake identity cards…
b. Co-ordinate with other special departments in other countries like MOSAD in Israel and FBI in US.

What US/world can do now to avoid more 9/11 or 26/11 ….?
POLITICAL MEASURES : US should take lead with support from UN and other top world countries and try to create a strong political movement against Pakistan , so that Pakistan bends towards the pressure of attack the people and stop practicing the terror politics.

MILITARY MEASURES : There must be some military pressure on the Pakistan so that government gets real democratic control over Federal Autonomous Tribal Area, or FATA. US must not give any millinery technology and equipments to Pakistan and check the other countries( like China,Iran) from doing so.

ULTIMATE STEP : And even if the above practice does not help in curbing the Pakistani role in international terror then it would be imperative to disintegrate Pakistan if we want to collapse the terrorists' network altogether. Unless we destroy the root cause of the whole terrorism tree, we will not be able to eliminate terrorism from the region. But considering the people of Pakistan this should be done under the UN supervision. Pakistan is comprised of five main sub nations and there should be no problem in giving these nations their new countries to enable them to have a more realistic identity of their own. This geo-political surgery has become inevitable to save the humanity from the cruel hands of terrorists who will come again to strike and they have no other place to hide and conspire but Pakistan.


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