Nobel prize and Indians...

US -> 333 (far better than the second most intellectually advanced nation)
UK -> 128
India -> 7 (including 1 foreigner, Mother Teresa, and 4 of our Nobel winners worked abroad)
In a hundred years from now, how many Indians will get the Nobel? As of now, one Indian is mentioned as a probable winner: V Ramachandran, the neuroscientist (The Tell-Tale Brain, Phantoms of the Brain). Like other great Indian minds, he hones his skills in the US. So did S Chandrasekhar, the physicist, and Venkatesh Ramakrishnan, the two other recent science Nobel winners.
We lack infrastructural facilities in most of the areas like :

  • Education : Deteriorating condition in the primary school system in India, suggesting that future winners are not being created.
  • Sports :Jamaica and Trinidad, which now produces the fastest runners in the world, where at least four or five of them can run below 10 seconds for 100 metres, a feat that will take an Indian at least two decades to achieve. It is national shame of having over one billion people and so bad performance in Olympic.
  • Business : We have many billionaires, but hardly one global brand.


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