Manmohan singh : Second inning is 2nd class inning

2004 :

- Learner PM and newbie for high-level politics.
- Government was critically dependent on the left and a motley group of small parties like SP and RJD etc.

2009 :
- Experienced PM in polictics of coalition.
- Mandate was clearly for a more stable coalition, with the UPA no longer in need of weekly life support from any of its coalition partners.

Examples of Failures...
1. Kashmir : The same old crisis has festered since June-2010, yet it took over two months before the prime minister publicly intervened. He reiterated the same : a promise of jobs and another committee.
2. Naxal challenge : Chidambaram and Government's stand ranges from uncertain to chaotic.
3. An IITian and Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh :
- fights with another minsiter Praful Patel over the (much-needed) second airport in Mumbai, PM appears unwilling to exercise veto power.
4. A Raja( C& IT minister) : has serious allegations of corruption, PM doesn't appear in any hurry to seek an explanation or effect a ministerial reshuffle.
5. Sharad Pawar(Agri. Minister) : Whole india cries for food grain and price rise. He shows little urgency in enforcing accountability.
6. Sports Minister(Gill) : is not able to organize the Commonwealth Games without any issue and controvercy.
7. Railway Minister (Mamta di) :Mamta gives virtual support to the Maoists and stays in cabinet. Railways are not getting her time as she is more interested in state politics.
8. SM Krishna(Foreign minister) : is not able to handle the pressure in pakistan and sit just red-faced when Qureshi taunt the Indian foreign policy establishment.


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