Wah UStad Wah....

Obama is a double standard politician :
  • one side he talks that US and India are natural ally .......
  • Other side he says "Jobs will not go to India,China...."
Now question is how much India or china is affected by his second statement:
China sells products and almost all US product companies like Nike,IBM,Walmart...etc uses china's products to cut down the manufacturing cost......so the jobs will not go to China but orders will definitely go to china....
But what about India - Software service Jar of the world ; Are we equally affected by Obama's statement as China ----No not at all :
US knows that Indian software companies are benefitted by BRAIN and Hardwork of indians so they are putting strange taxes and fees to curb the margin. US is trying its best to retain the Indian hard-work profit as much as possible in US.
Totalisation Agreement :
India has signed this agreement with US. This is killing agreement for many of us indian...as per this ...Indian professionals who go on a short-term visa to the US are also required to pay social security taxes that come to an average of 22% of their salary.Once they come back to India they do not get any refund or benefit. Note : A person becomes entitled to the benefit of US social security system after paying taxes for atleast 10 years.
As per NASSCOM , the Indian professionals in US contribute $300 million/year as social security taxes without getting any benefits. As rough estimate Indian companies give $1 billion/year to the US government in the form of social security, with no benefit or prospect of refund.
H1B and L Visa Fee Hike:
US knows that around 12% of VISAs issued every year go to Indians IT pros., so on 5-aug-2010, US Senate increased application fees for H1 B and L visas to earn extra $600 million/year.The Senate measure increases the visa fee to $2,000 per application. As pere NASSCOM this increase would cost Indian firms $200 million extra a year.

So rules/taxes/laws like these are :
1. discriminatory in nature.
2. Don't create an open competitive market(like US wants India to be).

and on the other hands US wants that India should not only open its market but also give benefits to companies like Mcdonald,GE,Pepsi,Coke,Walmart......

Jai Ho Manmohan ji ki...............


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