Another epitome of Indian spirit...

I would like to tell myself a story of another Indian guy....I will disclose his name later so here it goes...

This Guy was born in the same year as me and but 2 days earlier than my loving daughter. His birth was also celebrated with the highest of hopes for his future(very common in India to have big function when a boy child is born). At younger age he was kind of failed in medical terms as he had severe Asthma,Rheumatoid and 60 % lung damage causing chances of his immune system failure.
His parents looked at the positive(?) side and believed that these terrible early difficulties would only make his success all the more blessed and honourable.He was expected to excel in his studies, to set an example for his younger brother and sisters.Like any other Indian child this guy was also in under tremendous pressure to become highly qualified like his scientist father but he could not find regular studies interesting enough for him and thus he became shame and disappointment for family.

As he was growing day by day , he was finding no fulfillment in life and becoming depressed and at one point of time when he was 16, he thought of one solution - SUICIDE. But he could not do it( as God did not want this). After this his mother ( like any other convinced him to attend a youth retreat as she had desired and there began his journey towards new life.

At this point of time , He got a different direction-GOD.His intellect/heart/brain says that God spoke to him "even though you have BEEN USELESS ALL YOUR LIFE, I NEED YOU NOW AND I CAN MAKE YOU A NEW CREATION.". I personally think that his faith and cirumstances made him to believe in God and led to a fresh start! A new birth! That was all it took to bring about a complete transformation in this lost and hurting young man. He started taking interest in something which fascinated him since childhood- MUSIC. He excelled in Music in very short period of time also invented few variations of Guitars.And now he is most travelled Indian musician in the world. But his humbleness and struggle made him true messenger of GOD and so wherever he goes he says that he is what he is because of 'God' and tell his personal story asking them to have faith in GOD.
Is there anything else one can ask from God....Thank you God for taking people to positive side of life. This Guy is Dr. Benny Prasad Kandukuri.


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