Supermoon - Do we need more natural tragedies in march 2011 ?

It is always a pleasant feeling to be with your own family. So I am happy for myself and my father when I am travelling on 19th march,2011 to India to stay with my father during the next week as one of main Indian festival-Holi is being celebrated on 20th march.
19 march is important as moon will swing around Earth more closely than it has in the past 18 years, lighting up the night sky from just 221,567 miles (356,577 kilometers) away. This phenomena is called 'extreme supermoon'.

Many astrologers believe it could inflict massive damage on the planet.It should be noted that astrology is not a real science, but merely makes connections between astronomical and mystical events.) But still past supermoon event suggests that there 'may be' some problem(havoc) like Huge storms,tsunami,volcanoes or earthquake.

Science : Scientists have studied extreme supermoon scenarios for decades. As per them moon has some impact - all the time on earth but intensity is matter of concern. Even under normal conditions, the moon is close enough to Earth to make its weighty presence felt: It causes the ebb and flow of the ocean tides.The moon’s gravity can even cause small but measureable ebbs and flows in the continents, called “land tides” or “solid Earth tides,” too. The tides are greatest during full and new moons, when the sun and moon are aligned either on the same or opposite sides of the Earth.

The effect of tides on seismic activity is greatest in subduction zones such as the Pacific Northwest, where one tectonic plate is sliding under another. William Wilcock, another seismologist at the University of Washington, explained: “When you have a low tide, there’s less water, so the pressure on the seafloor is smaller. That pressure is clamping the fault together, so when it’s not there, it makes it easier for the fault to slip.” Scientists says that earthquakes don’t respond as much to the tides as you’d think they would. Most natural disasters have nothing to do with the moon at all. The Earth has a lot of pent up energy, and it releases it anytime the buildup gets too great. The supermoon probably won’t push it past the tipping point, but we’ll know for sure, one way or the other, by March 20.

Some people are saying that on 19 , we may have big catastrophe in Japan itself.

With this hope that 'Mankind will not see 19 march as black day' . I am signing off to India- land of my parents and my own countrymen.

Term : lunar perigee =the closest moon's approach during its orbit


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