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Everyone will leave this world one or the other day...but the way we approach the destination - the journey matters.
MF Hussain lived a celebrated life until 2011 and celebrated the festival of life throughout through his colourful paintings.He was 32 when India got independence , he saw the celebration,zeal in people and that made him emotional enough to took the daring decision of leaving his job(he was married and had 2 kids at that time) and dedicating his life to only paintings and God helped him as well because God always helps those who help themselves.
  • Padma Shri (1955)
  • Padma Bhushan (1973)
  • Padma Vibhushan (1991)
His dedication paid him laurels and later this entrepreneurial artist could not restrict himself to just painting and so excelled in drawing,writing along with movie direction. He did not ever let his age become a barrier in his passion for art.Even in his 95 year, he was planning to paint Vidya Balan and had intention to cast her in a movie also.

He always believed in freedom of speech and expression and somehow involved in religion vs art controversies. Matter went to SC, that ruled on the controversy.It said that Husain's paintings were not obscene and that nudity was common in Indian iconography and history.... Delhi HC while quashing the case against the Hussain ruled that “sex and nudity in art, per se, cannot be deemed to be obscene and the merely vulgar does not equal the obscene”.But India is India, so it takes a lot of time for us to forget few things(thanks to Fundamentalists)

I guess following lines somehow describe his patriotic feelings for India ...
जींदा रहने के लिए तेरी कसम एक मुलाकात ज़रूरी है....
He was emotional , passionate, tireless,a true karmayogi and wonderful human being until his death.He wanted to come back to his home(India) until 9-jun-2011...and he expressed his desire for it in every post-2006 interview. Though he got everything from the western world in terms of 'recognition'(Forbes regarded him as "Picasso of India") like any other big international artist and also accepted citizenship of Qatar but he never disregarded India.

May God bless his soul with peace. .


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