Baba Ramdev- Jantar Mantar 2.0

कहें सियापति सुन हनुमाना का चुप साध रहा बलवाना .....

There is no doubt that corruption is biggest challenge India is facing in today's time. And so above lines from Ramayana are best suited where it says that we need God Ram(now Anna or Baba Ramdev) to motivate Hanuman(now central govt.) for doing goods....

If we just look at the cause behind the fasts of both Anna and Ramdev, then it looks that both are crusader but actually not. While the history of Anna Hazare says that he is true social leader who is leading a austere life where as Baba Ramdev is is commercial-political yoga guru-who wants to be leader but do not have interest in leading.To understand my statement you have to read following points :

1. Political ambition : Baba Ramdev's political ambitions are really not a secret at all. He is using his yoga network
for political purpose and already declared to fight next Loksabha elections through his political party- Bharat Swabhiman. The objective of his party was :
..............1. corruption free India
..............2. Black Money
Question here is :
- On one hand he is using democratic system to solve the problem(corruption+Black money) but on the other hand he is relying the satyagrah tactic to solve part of same problem(black money). Why ? why can't he wait until election and slove this issue in democratic style ?
- Another question is - why is he looking at the centre now...don't we have corruption at state level or district level ? would it not be easy for him to concentrate on some state and solve the problem there while Anna puts the pressure on central govt and doing the same ?
2. Industrialist Baba : Baba Ramdev is an industrialist with empire of 1100 crore.He has a private jet.He charges thousands of rupees for his Yoga course that his Bharat Swabhiman Trust runs.
- Why he did not declare his assets before going to Delhi for fast ?
- He came by jet plane to Delhi to start the fast.....
- He talks about swedeshi all the time and criticize MNCs for taking profit of India but Ramdevji has joined hands with a world''s leading Swedish packaging solution company Tetra Pak to expand his food and beverages business.Not only this but his companyPatanjali Ayurved Ltd has already launched its first product packaged in Tetra Pak - amla juice. He has future plans in the same direction and so Ramdevji had acquired an ayurvedic medicine company in the name of Herbo Ved, for an undisclosed sum, to sell the new products in US.

3. Style : He is thinking that he should not miss this opportunity and so his followers are collective money from citizens where as Anna and his followers did not do this kind of method at all. He is using his yoga skills to fulfil his political and industrial ambition. Read my another post in same context.He should create his website and mention all his+trusts's income and expenditure there.When he is following Gandhi's satyagraha then he should also know that Gandhi travelled in 3rd class to understand the people of India and used his own earned money for it not people collection.His pandals are more looking like wedding place rather than fasting place.

- He tied to disguise himself and run away from Ramlila ground. Why ? If he was Satyagrahi , then why did not he just stayed there and let police did what they wanted to ?
- Why is he saying to have army of 11.000 men and women who will be trained to attack if action is taken this Gandhian style ?
- Gandhi spent 249 days in South African jails and 2,089 days in British Indian jails, Can Ramdevji do the same if needed ?
4. Baseless demands : His demands are kind of baseless and redundant (w.r.t Lokpal bill).He is just mixing multiple irrelevant issues under the banner of 'Black Money' for eg :
a) Minimum Support Price (MSP) of grains be increased substantially.
b) Wages of different categories of labourers be made uniform across the country
c) Pro-farmer Land Acquisition Bill be brought quickly
d) Hindi like Japanese and Chinese be promoted countrywide.

His one demand says : Ensure passing a resolution against black money at UN.
everybody knows that we have United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) - which is legally binding international anti-corruption instrument passed by UN.
Govt of India is already doing its efforts to strengthen the UNCAC and to include black money issue there as well.

To me it just looks like he is becoming over smart and exploiting the faith of people for his political gains.


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