Winning and be the best ....after loosing

I want to read the book....'It's Not About The Bike' as I wonder what made him winning one of the world's toughest cycling championship-'Tour de France' 7 times(1999-2005) after diagnosing cancer in 1996....I was listening on lecture of Tony Robbins and as per his believe - it is emotions who drove him to achieve this feat. So I want to feel how strong emotions can change lives. I am talking about the US cycling legend Lance Armstrong.

Can emotions ONLY be the biggest factor in life changing decision making ?


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Emotions ONLY can not be the biggest factor, but yes emotions can initiate the whole process. That's my own view about life. Sometimes, you have to emotional about what you really want, because, wen you deter in the process, this emotional turmoil pushes you to go ahead and try it... for your own happiness...

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