Wow ... Nordic countries are quite educated too

Nordic countries are always quite highly ranked when it comes to standard of living but that has to impact the way education is provided to the kids here. Recently I found out that two nordic countries in list of 10 most educated countries :

1. Canada
2. Israel
3. Japan
4. United States
5. New Zealand
6. South Korea
7. Norway
8. United Kingdom
9. Australia
10. Finland

Though I do not know much about Finland but reason for Norway to be part of such list :
- In Norway schools have no restrictions placed on kids and kids are allowed to do what they wish.
- Kids know that they will not be subject to endless hours of homework and memorization, so there is   no pressure on them what so ever.
- In Norway,if a student really enjoys reading, he or she might read book after book all day long.
- In Norway schools never promote the toppers alone rather emphasis is given to the overall development of the class and group study is encouraged and practiced in early classes which results in better understanding among kids.

I wish that India should learn from these countries and make sure that kids are not burdened with high parental expectations and enjoy the study. 


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