Western way of thinking abt public schools

On my way to hotel I bought an english news paper Copenhagen post ( I guess only one in english) and tried to understand the city from a different angle. Main news that caught my attention was the following :

Copenhagen City council had 2011-budget of 872 billion kroners ( 79253355 crore ) and out of that budget they used 900 million less. So city council had a meeting to decide what to do with the remaining 900 million kroners and unanimous decision was to use that money for uplifting the infrastructure of government schools as that is area where the local government has priority.

When I was reading this news I was just wishing
  • How fortunate our Indian kids could have been if our politicians had the same feelings for our kids- specially the kids who go to public school. I myself went to public school and know the environment and attention we get there.Not sure if ever city council has given so much attention to publich school. Privatization of education has taken so much priority that nobody thinks about the public school. All the public school teachers who are good take private classes just because of apathy of 'local government'. God knows if this kind of trend will lead us to a point where we will be able to say that All indian kids have 'basic right of being educated upto high-school'. If so then we will be real knowledge capital of the world.
  • sense of responsibility should prevail over our political lords and they also raise themselves from party,religion,region and think genuinely about the development of city/country.


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