Culture always unites

As a regular habit , I was standing on when I saw en event 'Oslo Global Mobility Forum 2012' and my click on it drifted me to its website. To understand the event , I browsed through the pages and suddenly my eyes got stuck on the name 'Pooja Sinha Skogstad' - one of the speakers at the event. Name* looked familiar and so sparked my curiosity to know her more and I just pasted her name from there to google and as always - Google satisfied me.

I got to read , she is daughter of NY based Indian doctor couple and she got married to Nils Ansgar Skogstad- a Norwegian.I chained myself to NYtimes' wedding section and read her story. It was interesting to know that even after living so many years in states, her family has not only maintained the Indian tradition but also embedded it in her daughter as well.After living abroad for few years, my ears heard this kind of story few times ( in fact All NRIs/OCIs want this - I guess :) ). But what was more surprising that a norwegian who lived 5 years in Pakistan( so called political arch rival of India) was mesmerized enough by Indian culture that he waited years to marry an Indian girl.If the article is to believe then it was heartening to know that their relationship was not started because of his love to Indian cuisine ( or bollywood ) but Indian culture(and it's ambassador Pooja).After living in Norway for few years I can say for sure that his statement “I’m sure I’ve visited India more times than you have” says he understood something special about India.

I would give credit of this 'Sangam' to Indian culture,Indian parenting and NORWEGIAN UNDERSTANDING and of course to Pooja Sinha Skogstad - God bless them :) .

* In Todays world where few second generation kids change their name to suit the culture they live in making it difficult to know about their roots ( may be that is the intention as well ).


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