Lucky Indians at Olympics 2012 .....Heart Winners

Like many other fellow Indians I expected India to win at least 3 more medals and at least one Gold. But this was our love for country and driven by past performances of some of our sportsman. We forgot that Olympics in not CWG. It is event where we compete with just the best of world.....but in the end , we realized that we got what we deserved after competing at world level.

We all know that somehow Indians-most of us do not treat sports as career. But this is changing and change is visible not only in terms of performances but also in terms of variety of sports disciplines , where Indians are shining( eg Amit kumar was, youngest Indian wrestler to qualify for Olympics)

Now we can boast of having double Olympic medalist - Sushil Kumar.

Though , many of us disappointed by medals India has won in Olympics but considering our preparation and mentality, we performed well. The expectation of people shows that now we believe in abilities of our own sportsman. Before this Olympics we fetched just 15 medals ( after 1948) but just in this Olympics we won 7 alone. To me this is big achievement. It is a big change that will provide the platform to more and more Indians to come forward and be part of sports new India.

One thing which is very remarkable this time is - support from professional bodies like OGQ and MCT apart from GOI. Of the 6 medalists, 4 were funded by Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ), a foundation supporting India’s top athletes; a fifth, bronze medal wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt, received similar support from Mittal Champions Trust (MCT).Both OCQ and MCT design customized programs for their athletes, providing everything from the best training and coaching facilities in India and abroad to sports medicine and nutrition to travel expenses. This is something which GOI could not provide (considering their style of working and lack of interest ). So support from corporate sector is somthing which happened first time in Indian sports history - and result is visible.

Hopefully these 6 Indians will ignite rest of millions to bring more medals in 2016 and during these years we will have more world record beaters,world number 1 from India....


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