Kids and Food .....Indirect Guidance

Using the Following Tips/policy we can inspire kids to eat Healty Food. But it is very very important to make sure that kids take the charge of these rather than we impose it on them

Get the children involved in the weekly menu:
1. Have a weekly meeting with your children about what they’d like to eat that week
2. Give them a few choices to choose from so that they don’t get overwhelmed.
3. Have them choose which protein, veggie, fruit, carb, and desert or snack they’ll have in their bag each day of the week.
4. Post up their choices on a sheet with their name on it so that everyone can see it.
5. Get them excited about the good choices they’ve made and praise them for taking care of their body.
This will certainly help them to feel powerful!

Keep it interesting for them not for Us :
1. You can expand on your children’s choices and introduce them to things they may not have tried before.
2. If they like sandwiches, offer bagels, crackers, wraps, or special breads
3. Cut sandwiches into fun shapes and sections.
4. Put in a bunch of sharable baby carrots, raisins, or animal crackers.
5. Provide finger foods like cut up fruit, “baby sandwiches” and wheel-shaped pasta salads.


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