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It seems all of us have the habit of saying 'I don't like this/that' and then get busy with our life...we do not think that if the whole society is just going to say the same then the things will ever change?. Our kids learn from us and they continue the same rely race.
The reason why we do not want is take lead varies from people to people....Many times people think that one need to be empowered socially/financially/politically to drive changes but it is not the case always......We need to make something actually happen instead of all of this talking. Some people should make things happen and following example shows that if somebody wants to covert dreams/idea/vision into reality then there is possibility.........

Name : Nine star school
Location : DASDOI Gram Panchayat,KAKORI,Lucknow(25 km away)
Description : one of 8 village-level private schools that have been started since 2001 by a group of young Bahá'ís working under the guidance of Foundation for the Advancement of Science (FAS), a Bahá'í-inspired NGO located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.
Strength : 80 students
Run by : Sri. Ram Vilas Pal( trained in television repair )
Project : to train and support educated rural youth in the processes and profession of primary education, with the goal of starting small, sustainable, and effective private rural schools.
Challenge : Most important challenge before these young innovators is to keep their schools profitable - which is the key to long-term sustainability. Problems include spiralling costs, regular defaulting in fee payment, and children being pulled out of school to be used for agricultural labour.

1. The owners of these schools, who are also their principals, come from unlikely backgrounds. Mr. Pal was trained in television repair. Another school founder dispensed medicine in his village as a local "doctor." Another was a farmer.What is common among all eight principals is their passion for social transformation and their conviction that school is the place for this to happen. Indeed, as the soft-spoken Mr. Pal says, "The community and the family depend on the school to create a responsible citizen out of the child. When a child is found misbehaving, people ask him, ‘Is this what your teacher teaches you in school?'"
2. School in Dasdoi has a 50-50 ratio of girls to boys, which is unusually high in the region.
3. FAS is not a funding agency and, in fact, has adopted a policy of providing most of its support in the form of training and encouragement, although the foundation does occasionally provide salaries for one or two teachers when the going gets tough.FAS acts as a catalyst. It is just helping people use their potential to find a useful area of work - and to help them satisfy an important need in society.


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Can I please get an email address to be able to connect with this school? I am a teacher in a private school at Mohali. My students would love to do a project with your students and share experiences. We could also help fund some of your basic needs and remain connected through some technology.

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