Starting a business in Norway easy as 1,2,3

As  I have plan to start a social business and in preparation to that I took the opportunity to understand the basics when I saw an article in Aftenposten. So thankfully I was a part of a seminar  run by Oslo kommune where where we had a short introduction to 'starting a company in Norway' . This was the easiest and convenient way to attract the entrepreneurs to startup business in Norway.

More information about this seminar is mentioned here :

In this course we got to know about the different types of companies people(Yes- including Foreigners ) can start in Norway. There are following 3 types of companies :
  • Sole Proprietorship (enkeltpersonforetak) 
  • General Partnership (ansvarlig selskap) 
  • Limited Liability Company (aksjeselskap)
The beauty of the system is that one can start a business( of type  enkeltpersonforetak ) just by filling the form on internet. The Altinn link for this is following :


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