Who is more corrupt UPA or NDA ?

I was reading the blog of Sri. LK Advani where he was talking about the corruption in UPA government and referring the Transparency International.
I digged into it later.As per Corruption Perceptions Index(CPI) which is published by Transparency International, India has following ranking over the years :

Govt. Year  Index
UPA   2010- 3.3    
UPA   2009- 3.4    
UPA   2008- 3.4    
UPA   2007- 3.5    
UPA   2006- 3.3    
UPA   2005- 2.9    
UPA   2004- 2.8    
NDA  2003- 2.8    
NDA  2002- 2.7

Note : 10 is best and which means zeo corruption.

So as per above data NDA government was more corrupt than UPA. So what Mr. Advani will say about it ? Actually there is a need to lift the politics from party level to national level.Corruption is not limited to regime of NDA or UPA , it is now pervasive in society.....and in my India needs following 2 not one alone :
- Very objectified policies which make sure that people do not get easy chance of indulging in corruption in social life.Every government department must have explicit policy(or clause in every policy) which make sure  corcorruption stays out of department.
- Strict anti-corruption law which will make sure that even after following above policies if people involve in corrupt practices then they should face harsh consequences and/or financial penalty.

Sri. Anna Hazare is talking about the second but is just strict 'policing' .....but not the measure to avoid the corruption from root......................


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