Anna don't be will loose

It seems Anna is either prejudiced against congress or does not understand how the dirty politics is being played by all national parties in parliament.To me he is a simple man who is very much misguided by Kiran Bedi and Kejriwal( both are honest but have some vested interests and so do not like congrress party...why ??)

I am pretty sure that if Anna joins the compaign against Congress then he will lose more than congress and people will surely take this otherwise and so it will be big blow to anti-corruption movement.Not only this but this will not affect the congress prospects more as in all these 3 north indian states congress is not in power. More over congress has done atleast something at grassroot level( in spite of so much corruption) through its 16 flagship programmes,which will give some postive edge edge to congress.Let's look at the states one by one :
Uttar Pradesh :
Current Congress-seats             party in power
-------------------------------              --------------
20                                                 BSP

Can Congress gets less seats than earlier ?possibly not as :
1. Now congress has Ajit Singh’s Rashtriya Lok Dal with it.
2. UP is ranked much lower in implementation of all 16 flagship programs.
--UP has slipped to 20th position in the implementing of National Agricultural Development Scheme in 2010-2011.
--Embezzelment of funds under the NREGS in the state has put Mayawati govt. under CBI scanner.
3. NREGA+Food Security Bill+Minority bill

Punjab :
Current Congress-seats            party in power
-------------------------------             --------------
44                                               Shiromani Akali Dal+BJP
Can Congress gets less seats than earlier ? Possibly not, as anti-incumbency will help Congress.

Uttarakhand :
Current Congress-seats      party in power
----------------------                   --------------
20                                          BJP
Can Congress gets less seats than earlier ? Possibly not, as anti-incumbency will help Congress.

Anna should understand :
1. Many who vote do not attend rallies; many who attend rallies do not vote.
2. All parties have corrupt politicians.
3. There is no single national party which supports Anna's Jan Lokpal Bill 100% ?
4. Anna should be flexible and help in strengthening the parliament and laws not by forcing them by his fast and media.Otherwise it will be wrong example to follow for next in line people...Tomorrow all govt. service personnel protest for a paypal bill and take the country by ransom? women of minority section will fast for 33% reservation in same way and it will be difficult for any goernment(forget UPA)to handle such things.
5. Lokpal is not magical wand. There has been no systematic effort to evaluate or assess the experience of existing anti-corruption agencies in the states(where the real problem is !!!). Problem is not the absense of law but problem is it's implementation(practicalities). He sould also concentrate on finding the reason 'why even putting the corrupt people in jail is not helping the country ?.' Raju,Raja, Kanimojhi,Kalmadi.. all are in jail and come out eventually after few days using the same law which has put them into jail.

Question for Anna : If in coming election ,Anna campaigns against congress and then ostensibly the most honest Congress candidate loses to a BSP candidate with a criminal record ? Who will be responsible then ? will that be win for anti-corruption crusaider ?

So If Anna will become anti-congress in coming election then Congress has very little to lose; Team Anna has a lot...


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