Lokapal Bill : Why BJP is equally responsible as Congress ?

After the scrapping of lokpal (at least for now ) in parliament now,It is very clear that BJP is weakening the lokpal bill too and blaiming the congress alone (just for the sake of coming election ). BJP also want to prove that UPA govt. have failed in every department so that they have one more election issue to talk about and doing their best for it but with a different face. How....???
Section 24 of lokpall Bill : Allows presiding officers of the 2 houses of Parliament to act on the basis of a Lokpal report even before a trial is completed.

BJP has asked the government to drop this section and now the practical meaning of this 'drop' means following :
If a MP is chargesheeted : He/She will face no action from the Speaker of the Lok Sabha and Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha till the courts pass the order.

If a ordinary citizen is chargesheeted : He/She would have been already handed down a penalty of jail, demotion, salary loss etc by the Lokpal. This ordinary citizen could then go in and appeal to the High Courts, but that could take years.

So this drop means 'corrupt MPs are safe but corrupt citizens are not !!!'...why just becaue they are Member of august parliamanet ???
Asking govt. to drop section 24 BJP has shown it's real face and that is -  It is exactly same kind of party as congress (may be even worse).


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