A note from the History of Lokayukta in Karnatka...

I just wanted to understand the history of lokayukta to know what it did in last few years. So I did following....

Karnatka(first state to set up Lokayukta) :
Lokayukta duration : 1986 and 2011
Landmark                : July,2011; indicting then CM(BS Yeddyurappa) for corruption in illegal mining scandal. ( Nobody is asking what he is doing now ???? )
1. Leadership matters ? :  > 66% of the raid cases by the Lokayukta were initiated between 2006 and 2011.
2. What about the trial & conviction ? :  In Typical corruption case we have following stages :
Corruption(which falls in publicc/private domain),Complaint(when people complain about corruption) then comes investigation (both of these falls under the jurisdiction of lokpal) but last 2 stages trial and Conviction does not fall under the Lokpal , rather it falls under judicial system.

Facts and study said the Karnataka experience showed that sanction of prosecution and completion of investigation( in other words complaint and investigation) were not an issue at all as both were done in overwhelming majority of the cases handled by the state Lokayukta. Things failed when cases reached trial and conviction stage.
I doubt this has been debated in Parliament or within Team Anna ????

Another question : If setting up Lokayukta will be optional then all the states will do as they want. For example Gujrat did not have Lokayukta for past 12 years while Karnatka have.Mayawati will also say that it is stupid idea ....so how the general daily and pervasive corruption will be handled in thoses states ? Hope BJP who is so concerned about the corruption will make sure that Lokayukta setp become mandatory for states.


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