2012 : An attempt to check the fitness level...

Life goes on hour by hour,day by day,month by month and year by year ; so we crossed 2011 with the hope that 2012 will be a better one than 2011.Started my first working day in Copenhagen with Nordea capital market project.This was a different kind of project where challenges are being thrown from day one. In the same spirit , I was thinking to do something new(as people do when a new year starts) and then somebody send me the following lines .....

" Having thoughts of 'I could do' or 'I should do' leads you down the path of DOING NOTHING! Stop rationalizing your thought process of I could or I should and choose to take the positive initiative to do! Lead others to do the same and remember there is no try! Do it and DO IT BIG!!!"
and while in the hotel lift I saw the ad of stylist gym at Radisson Blue ; An idea struck to take above words into action ; Decided to check the fitness level of my body and so started doing some exercise in evening and noting down some of the stats...(just for self introspection...) and so I continued daily to see what is easy for me( of course and quick ). After 4 days of short routine I had some stats to review and take it from there and here it is .........

Monday : 
Treadmil ; 2 km - 110 kcal - 2.5 degree
Lat machine : 15x25 kg,15x30 kg

Tuesday :
Treadmil ; 3 km - 250 kcal - 2.5 degree
Lat machine : 15x25 kg,15x30 kg

Wednesday :
Treadmil ; 2 km - 100 kcal - 2.5 degree
Arm curl  : 2x(20x25) kg
Lat machine : 15x25 kg,15x30 kg
Chest Press  : 2x(15x25kg)

Thursday :
Treadmil ; 3.5 km - 300 kcal - 2.5 degree
Arm curl  : 30x25 kg
Lat machine : 15x25 kg,15x30,15x35 kg
Chest Press  : 3x(15x25kg)

and the BMI is 25( height 167 and weight 69.8 kg).....Just overweight :) :(
I never ever thought that some stats can declare me OVERWEIGHT but stats are stats. 
This was not what I expected out of my body as well but considering the work schedule I had no reason to complain.....but to do better in the next coming days of 2012.


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