what is Cowparade and Elephant parade ?

Sometimes somethings attract us and we connect to them so intimately that we can not describe the feeling and that is exactly what happened when my plane landed on A gate terminal of Copenhagen airport at Kastrup on last monday morning. As it was morning 7.30 am so I was in hurry(want to know why in hurry then please read book rich dad and poor dad ) to reach client office at christianshavn.

Suddenly my eyes got stuck on a status of a cow outside of a airport shop and I could not help but to stop and appreciated the art. My was surprized to notice that whole shop is filled up with cow and elephant statues some with ceramic some with metal and some with paper too.

I asked the girl at the counter about the companies who are producing such an art and she gave me the aautomn catalog of both the following companies which are doing such a remarkable work in the field of art.


Great work by renowned artists working for these companies..


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