Bianco Rosso Latte at Baresso

MV is fond of coffee and so I am afraid that a ardent tea lover like me is at the verge of changing religion.....We both together ventured out to the nearest Baresso outlet in evening(+6 degree) Today. Initially I thought to just accompany but it turned out a different experience.Though I tried to avoid the opportunity because of calorie conscious week but when she(find her in picture) recommended Bianco Rosso Latte as very different fruit coffee so I thought to respect her recommendation and ordered one for myself. This is grand caffe latte with raspberry and white chocolate(stick). I never heard a coffee with berry so was bit surprised.The Girl at the counter was kind enough to understand my calorie conscious thought and made coffee in skimmed milk.

I was not disappointed ( so it is proved that I need to ...) as it turned out to be a tasty coffee where the last few bites were good enough to remind me the flavor for next 30 minutes......courtesy MV.


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