We need more such MBAs to work for rural India...

The Women's Reservation Bill will come up in Parliament again on Tuesday. The idea is to try and empower women. One inspiring example, a management graduate now acting as a Sarpanch in Rajasthan.

She left her cushy life, to break stereotypes and scripted a new change in a village in Tonk district.

Stepping into the shoes of Sarpanch for this thirty-year-old management graduate and hotelier doesn't mean horsing around. On the road less taken Chhavi Rajawat has returned to her small village in Rajasthan as Sarpanch, perhaps the first woman MBA graduate to hold that post.

"This is definitely far more challenging. It's a larger avenue, there's a lot more to do here and the fact that once we're educated and used to the city life we get so caught up in it all that we forget our roots," says Chhavi Rajawat, Sarpanch, Soda village in Tonk.

With her boarding school education, management degrees and work experience, Chhavi is no puppet Sarpanch. Whether it's in organizing NREGA works or maintaining transparency.

"I'm very particular and very organised. So that also helps to an extent. It can be unnerving too, since the village is not used to it. So when I tell my secretary and panchayat secretary to document something in a certain way, there's a resistance. But when I tell them why they understand," she added.

While she works on her plans to get clean drinking water for her village and sees that girls of Soda have the options to study what they like, here's why the people are rallying behind her.

Asharam Gujjar, a resident of Soda village in Tonk says: "Now the women can go and get their work directly. Their problems get sorted out. She's educated so she takes the right decisions. And, we hope she would get us the full payment for our work in NREGA unlike earlier when we got only partial payment."

"How would I go and speak freely to the men. But with her I can go and talk anytime," says another resident Santosh.

Faraway from the corridors of power where the women's reservation Bill has hung in balance for fourteen years, by electing a management graduate woman as its Sarpanch the villagers of Soda have already passed their verdict in favour of a new tomorrow with equal opportunities for its little girls.


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