Why Juice is important ?

1. One reason may be the understanding that the closer food is to its original, raw form the better it is. As food undergoes extensive processing the levels of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes decreases.
2. Soil depletion is another problem we face, created by time, over-farming, and other issues, that contributes to our need to consume more produce.
3. A juicer in a way is “pre-digesting” the food. Our bodies do need fiber for healthy digestion but it gets eliminated as waste. The process of juicing gets rid of most of the fiber leaving a nutrient dense drink that is easily assimilated by our system as the digestive process is minimized. As a result our body gets a quick natural energy boost. Why use artificial stimulants like energy drinks, caffeine, sugar or coffee when juice can provide the desired energy increase naturally.


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